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Acids Bases and Salts

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Acids Bases and Salts

On the basis of acidic and basic nature of chemical substances, they can be classified as acid,base and salt. Salts are basically combinations of acid and base but show unique chemical and physical properties.   


Top things to learn under Acids, Bases,  and Salts from the online tutor

Why is the lemon so tangy? What makes your food sour or bitter? Is your soap acidic or basic? Which acid is present in the citrus fruits? 

The food we eat, the detergents we use and various other everyday things have acids and bases in them present in different compositions. 

Ever wondered what makes them harmful and which of them are actually good for your health? In the chemistry session at TutorEye, you will learn-


  • What is pH value
  • Ionization And Dissociation
  • Arrhenius Concept
  • Bronsted-Lowry Concept
  • Lewis Concept


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the difference between acid bases and salts?

Acid and bases are chemical substances with different chemical and physical properties. An acid can be defined as the substance that can give H+ ions in its aqueous solution whereas a base can give OH- ions in its solution.  Acid and base combine together to form salt. 


Question 2: What are acids?

An acid is the chemical substance that can give H+ ions in its aqueous solution. Acids turn blue litmus red and show corrosive nature. Some common examples of acids are hydrochloric acid, nitric acid etc.  


Question 3: Is salt a base or acid?

A salt is neither an acid nor a base. A salt is formed by the reaction of acid and base. The salt of a strong acid and strong base is always neutral like NaCl is the salt of HCl and NaOH; neutral in nature.


Question 4: Does salt react with base?

Yes, salts can react with base and form new chemical compounds. It depends on the displacement of the lesser active substance by more active ones. These are examples of double displacement reactions.  


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