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Atomic Structure

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Atomic Structure

Atoms are the basic unit of any chemical substance that can not divide further. The term Atom is derived by “Atomos” means uncuttable.  
Atom is composed of three subatomic particles; electrons, protons and neutrons.


Top things to learn under Atomic Structure from the online tutor

Atomic structure is the structure of an atom comprising a nucleus in the center which has neutrons and positively charged protons. Revolving around the center are the negatively charged electrons. 

The history of the structure of atoms goes back to the times of Democritus. He was the one who first proposed that all matter is composed of atoms. And the study of atomic structure gave a great insight into the world of chemical reactions, bonds, and their physical properties.

Here’s what the online session on the structure of atoms will cover-

  • Composition of an atom
  • What are protons, neutrons, and electrons
  • Understand the nucleus in detail
  • Atomic mass & atomic number
  • Isotopes and isobars


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is atomic structure?

Atomic structure is the structure of an atom that is composed of three subatomic particles arranged to get the neutral and stable atom. 

The position and charges of subatomic particles are arranged in such a way that the atom remains stable and neutral. 


atomic structure

Question 2: What is the difference between atomic structure and crystal structure?

Atomic structure is the arrangement of subatomic particles in an atom. The crystal structure is an arrangement of constituent particles in a certain way. A crystal structure depends on intermolecular structure and intermolecular forces between constituent particles.  


Question 3: Why is atomic structure important?

Atomic structure helps us to predict the chemical reaction and reactivity of the chemical substances as the valence shell electrons take part in the chemical reactions.  

Thus, atomic structure is helpful in understanding the chemical properties of any substance. 


Question 4: Who invented atomic structure?

John Dalton was a pioneer of atomic structure as he suggested the idea of the presence of atoms as the basic unit of any matter. He is also called the “Father of Atomic Theory”.  

Later J.J. Thomson, Rutherford, N.Bohrs, and many more scientists contributed to get the complete idea of atomic structure.  


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