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State of Matter:

Matter can be defined as the substance that has a certain mass and can occupy volume. The interconversion of one state to another, is called as interconversion of state of matter.  



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Everything around you that occupies space and has weight is matter. In our everyday life, there are four observable states- solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. And there are other states which occur only in extreme conditions such as ultra-cold or ultra-dense matter.

Further, there are quark-gluon plasmas, which are believed to be possible but remain theoretical for now. Want to learn more about these mysterious states?

Here’s what an online chemistry session with TutorEye will cover-

  • Four natural states of matter
  • Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Melting & freezing
  • Sublimation & vaporization
  • Condensation & deposition


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is meant by the state of matter?

A matter can exist in various states on the basis of intermolecular forces and intermolecular distances between the constituent particles. 
These are called state of matters. There are mainly 3 states of matter; solid, liquid and gases.  


Question 2: What is the fourth state of matter?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It can only exist under specific temperature and pressure. It consists of ionized gases with positive and negatively charged ions in the state. The gases at the Sun are the best example of this state of matter. This state of matter was discovered by Sir William Crookes. 


Question 3: Which state of matter takes both the shape and volume of its container?

The liquid and gaseous state of matter can take both the shape and volume of its container.  Since the intermolecular force of attraction is intermediate of gas and solid in the liquid state therefore liquid state can take both shape and volume of its container. Similarly in gaseous state, the intermolecular forces are least with large intermolecular distance; it can easily acquire the shape and volume of the container.  


Question 4: What does the law of conservation of matter state?

The law of conservation of matter of state states that matter can change from one state to another matter by physical and chemical changes like temperature and pressure but the mass of matter remains same before and after the change. 

For example; change ice to water by heating  but the mass of the substance remains the same. 


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