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Sample ACT Test Questions:

Question 1: Abandoned mines frequently fill with water. Before an abandoned mine can be reopened, the water must be pumped out. The size of the pump required depends on the depth of the mine. To pump the water from the mine of X feet depth, a pump is used that can pump Formula gallons/min. How many gallons per minute will be required for a 160 feet deep mine?

(a) 1250

(b) 250

(c) 1414

(d) 150

Answer: (c)

Explanation: X = 160 feet

Explanation 1


Question 2: When a gas is dissolved in water,

(a) Increase in temperature will not change the solubility of gas

(b) Decrease in the temperature will increase the solubility of gas

(c) Increase in temperature will increase the solubility of gas

(d) Increase in temperature will decrease the solubility of gas

Answer: (d)

Explanation: As the temperature increases, the solubility of gas decreases as it increases the kinetic energy of gas particles and they can easily escape out from the solution. 



Question 3: Identify the irrational numbers between number 2 and 9.

(a) Infinite 

(b) 6

(c) 7

(d) 8

Answer: (a)

Explanation: Since 2 and 9 are real numbers and there can be infinite irrational numbers between two real numbers thus, (a) must be correct.


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Why take the ACT test & How to score high on the ACT exam?


American College testing as the name suggests is a standardized test that is used by universities in the United States of America during the admission process. Scores on the ACT test is considered as an important part of a student application as it indicates how ready a particular student is for college life. ACT is used as a common criterion to review application of candidates from different states and different school districts. ACT is governed by a non-profit body named ACT Inc. and is conducted approx. seven times in the United States each year.

Not only in the United States, ACT test has gained popularity over the years and is now used by many elite and well established universities around the world to accept college admissions. And for the same reasons it is not surprising that every year millions of students take the ACT test. 

But does everyone end up scoring good on their tests? The answer is no and most of the students in fact take ACT tests multiple times before they get satisfactory results. Because in order to get accepted at a good university or an IVY league school for that matter one needs to score 34+ on the ACT test.

So are you one of those students who is looking for a score of 34 and higher in the first test attempt? Then, you have landed on the correct website. 

We have a pool of ACT tutors who have years of experience teaching students ACT syllabus. Our tutors will help you prepare well in advance and put in a lot of study hours to get your scores to 34+.We use online tutoring technology with video and whiteboard functionality to connect with students and bring the best quality and personalized online ACT tutoring to you. 

Our ACT experts are available online 24/7 to help you with your questions, provide clarity on difficult concepts and help you feel ready for the test day.

We focus on engaged learning and deliver it through the understanding of your learning style. We don’t want the students to match our pace and style of teaching but we go the extra mile to make sure we adapt to your learning style. This is the primary reason none of our test prep services are bundled; rather we have designed them in a way that your test prep happens at your pace in a private tutoring setting. 

Our self-paced ACT prep program welcomes and invites all students regardless of grade and your level of preparation. So don’t worry if you just began your ACT prep journey or looking for help for your second ACT exam. We are here to help you in the process.


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At TutorEye, we follow a Money Refund policy as we value our students’ trust and satisfaction on all counts.

We facilitate better understanding by citing examples and laying out detailed walkthroughs to apply conceptual knowledge to solve problems.


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