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How can TutorEye help you with an AP chemistry online course?



AP chemistry exams or Advanced Placement exams can be of great help to you. Imagine how much you can save on your college tuition bill through earning credits? Yes, by giving the AP chem exam, you are making the best choice in your academic career. Lower college fees mean more savings, and you can use that money for  more different purposes. 

Our courses will provide you with everything that you need to cover in the online course.


How can you excel in the AP chemistry exam?


At TutorEye, we have adept chemistry tutors that can provide you step by step detailed subject courses. The concepts require a high level of formula derivations and concept applications that sometimes students face difficulty catching up at school-lecture speed. Thus, we extend our tutoring services at ease with your schedule and learning pattern. 


We work with the motive of making patience and practice the success mantra of any student to UpGRADE themselves. So be it the concept of clearing or helping them how to get a 5 on AP chem, the help is provided with proper explanations backed up with a theory and logic.


Our online tutors are the qualified and experienced faculty that do not emphasize on teaching the subject only but also making you learn what are the concepts, formula derivations behind your AP chemistry questions


What can you expect during your tutoring for the AP chemistry practice exam?


We always make our learning more easy and understandable with the help of our tutors and the whiteboard feature. From clarity in understanding chemistry fundamentals to learning new things like:


  • How to balance a chemical equation? 


  • What chemical formulas can help you score better in exams? 


  • Is chemistry relatable in real life? If yes, then how?


  • What evidence is required to support scientific claims? 


  • How can chemical reactions affect us so much? 


  • What structure, chemical of compounds and stoichiometric problems 


Get a complete in-depth study of chemistry and study from the expert chemistry students. 



AP Chemistry Course Content


Have a look at the nine units of chemistry which cover the basic syllabus of the AP Chemistry exam. These topics are the basic foundation of the AP chemistry exam.  


  • Atomic structure and properties 


  • Molecular and ionic compound structure and properties 


  • Intermolecular forces and properties 


  • Chemical reactions 


  • Chemical Kinetics 


  • Chemical Equilibrium 


  • Acids and bases 


  • Thermodynamics 


  • Application of thermodynamics 



AP Chemistry Exam Structure



Section 1 60 MCQs in 90 minutes, 50% of the exam score.
Section 2 7 free-response questions in 105 minutes, 50% of the exam score. 
3 Long answer questions 10 points each 
4 short answer questions 4 points each




Frequently asked questions about Chemistry



What is AP chemistry?


Advanced Placements Chemistry is an examination offered to American and Canadian students by the college board. It is an opportunity to gain college credits and save tuition bills. 


Is AP chemistry really hard?


If you have a strong base and knowledge of chemistry, it won’t be hard for you to cover the syllabus and score good marks. Since this course also requires a math background, you have to be great at it as well. But, even if your skills aren’t polished, with TutorEye you can revise all the concepts and get clarity throughout the course. 


Is college chemistry harder than AP Chemistry?


As you know the course for AP chemistry is vast and lengthy; it can take time to cover it all. Students usually find it hard, but with the right guidance and the right amount of time invested in it, it’s possible to crack through the AP chemistry exam. 


How to prepare for AP chemistry class?


Once you are in touch with our tutors for an AP chemistry online course, you can get help in understanding how many classes and courses are required to prepare for the AP exam. Our tutors will help with end-to-end assistance. 


What is AP chemistry equivalent to?


It is a high school AP course offered by the college board. It is equivalent to a college chemistry class. 


What level is AP Chemistry?


The exam is an introductory college-level course. Students need to get an understanding of chemistry through practical or lab-based investigation. 





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