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Confused about taking the exam? Here’s why you should definitely go for it.


Students often wonder whether it is worth taking the AP test. And having second thoughts is justified since it is a major time commitment. 


Your decision primarily depends on your interest and passion. If you consider yourself a true literature enthusiast and are always on the lookout for the best literary works to read, why not plan a future in it?


The skills that you will develop in the course will take you a long way in your career. Also, you will get acquainted with so many amazing literary references even before you get into college


Throughout the course, you will be introduced to a variety of literary masterpieces such as novels, works of fiction, poems, short stories, etc. It is a wonderful opportunity to widen your horizons and know about so many more authors and writing styles from all over the world.


How to prepare for the AP English Literature Exam?


Besides your interest in literature, preparation matters a lot too, if you want to score well in the exam. One of the most important steps to prepare is to read a lot and read thoroughly. 


No doubt, you will be reading notable writings of literature in the course, but additional reading is always helpful and can significantly improve your analytical reading skills.


You should have a sound knowledge about the literary terms so that you have a better understanding of the test questions. It will help you know the context of the questions without any misinterpretations. 


You will get to learn many of them in the class, but brushing up on them on your own will always prove beneficial.


Read as many poems as you can from different eras and poets. It will help you in getting used to the language and the diction. This might seem to be a time-consuming task, but it greatly reflects in your scores later. 


Since the exam score is vastly dependent on essays, do not forget to practice essay-writing skills. You will learn how to manage time well while actually attempting the paper.  


Lastly, for the most effective test prep, practice as many tests as you can. It will get you familiar with the exam format and prepare you well for the exam day. This helps cope with exam anxiety too


What is the format of the AP Literature Exam?  


It is a 3-hour exam which has the following two sections:


Section 1- This section accounts for 45% of the exam.


  • 60 minutes
  • 55 Questions
  • Multiple choice 


Section 2- This part is worth 55% and is a free-response section. 


  • 120 minutes
  • 3 Questions
  • Essay Writing



What are the topics covered under this exam?


The syllabus covers poetry, drama, and works of fiction from various periods and cultures. The topics include:


  • Short Fiction I
  • Poetry I
  • Longer Fiction or Drama I
  • Short Fiction II
  • Poetry II
  • Longer Fiction or Drama II
  • Short Fiction III
  • Poetry III
  • Longer Fiction or Drama III



How can TutorEye help you ace the exam?


TutorEye offers personalized tutoring sessions to all the students aspiring to score a 5 in their AP exam. The classes being 1:1, you get ample time and space to voice your doubts and concerns. Have a better understanding of all your topics with the undivided attention of the tutor. Hire the best tutors instantly or schedule a session at a time that suits you.



Frequently asked questions



How do I study for the AP English Literature exam?

If you wish to perform well in the AP Literature exam, read a lot of books and poetry, in particular. Practice timed-essay writing skills and try solving as many practice tests as you can. Manage your time well, and take the guidance of an expert tutor to clear all your doubts. 

Is AP English Literature hard?

AP English Literature isn’t hard for you if you love literature and are fond of reading literary works. With the help of the right tutor and strategic planning, you can perform well and score great in the exam. 

What is AP English Literature?

AP English Literature is a course and examination offered by the College Board as part of the Advanced Placement Program. In this program, a student gets to learn how to understand and evaluate various literary works. 

How do you teach AP Literature?

While teaching AP Literature, remember to keep a check on the workload. Students might feel overwhelmed if they are burdened with too much information at once. Try to spend time looking into various angles of the literary piece so that the students learn how to have a good understanding of the writing. Practice timed writings, but maintain a balance between all the aspects that need to be prepared for. 

How to write an AP English Literature essay?

An essay in the AP English Literature test should be well written. It is very important to answer the question, besides supporting it with evidence from the given passage. Keep your grammar, particularly the tenses, pronouns, and spellings in check. Proofread your essay once to check its flow and point relevance. End with strong and concluding statements that summarize your argument well. 


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