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AP Science

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Science has given the world some amazing discoveries, inventions, and innovations. The world of science awaits newer entrants to add more value to it by working in the field of medicine, technology, engineering, and more. 


Do you feel excited about the sciences and wish to pursue a career in this field? Take one of the AP Science tests and accelerate your journey by studying college-level knowledge while in high school. TutorEye’s tutors are with you at each step for 24/7 help.


The best reason to study AP Sciences is that if you can score good grades on the tests, then you can skip a semester in your college and stay ahead of the lot. That is a good deal of time and money saved. Whoa!



Which AP Science course fits you the best?



To figure out which of the AP classes in science are suitable for you, look at your aspirations and interests. Depending upon what you want to study in college, you can choose from among the following:



AP Biology



In the AP Biology course, you will learn about the different bodily systems in living organisms and some of the natural phenomena like ‘heredity’. If you have been fascinated by the Darwinian theory of natural selection, here is a chance to deep-dive into it. 


Also, you get to learn about how different species co-exist in the study of ‘Ecosystem’. In order to analyze the different scientific data, you can make use of a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator.


Exam duration - 3 hrs ( 90 minutes MCQs + 90 mins Free Response Questions)



AP Chemistry



In AP Chemistry you get the chance to learn about the basics of matter as well as get a finer idea about the structure of the building blocks- atoms and molecules. Also included are topics about acids and bases. Expect a good deal of lab time and exploring the chemicals first hand! Some further advanced topics like thermodynamics and kinetics would take you to the next level in your career move.


Exam duration - 3 hrs 15 mins ( 90 minutes MCQs + 105 mins Free Response Questions)



AP Environmental Science



In the AP Environmental Science class, you can discover how the various species co-exist and the role of human beings in it. Learn in addition about the various environmental problems that are affecting lives and if there are solutions to them. Expect some fieldwork as well as research.


Exam duration - 3 hrs ( 90 minutes MCQs + 90 mins Free Response Questions)



AP Physics



If you see yourself studying Physics in college as your major, go for AP Physics. But there are as many as 4 AP Physics courses, namely:


  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics 2
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism


The first two courses are algebra-based and the next two are calculus-based.


In AP Physics 1, you can learn about the basics such as motion and Newtonian mechanics.


Exam duration - 3 hrs ( 90 minutes MCQs + 90 mins Free Response Questions)


AP Physics 2 can be studied if you have taken the AP Physics 1 course or an honors course in Physics before it. Here, expect to study topics like thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, modern physics.


Exam duration - 3 hrs ( 90 minutes MCQs + 90 mins Free Response Questions)

AP Physics C: Mechanics teaches you about mechanics using calculus.


Exam duration - 1 hr 30 mins ( 45 minutes MCQs + 45 mins Free Response Questions)

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism is more about electric circuits, magnetic fields, and electromagnetism. This again uses calculus for complex calculations.


1 hr 30 mins ( 45 minutes MCQs + 45 mins Free Response Questions)

So, you now have an idea about what would be the AP courses like that can earn you the much-coveted college credits. But it is only when you earn GPAs of 3 or more that most colleges consider you for college credits against your AP exams.


This brings us to the next question- How to score well in the AP Science Exams?




Get A-Z help with your AP Science exams with TutorEye’s expert tutors



Scoring well in the AP exam is easy with the correct strategy, in-depth explanation, and excellent support. You get all of these when you learn from TutorEye’s highly experienced tutors. They have all the tricks and tips to crack exams up their sleeves. 


And guess what? They know exactly how different students learn- visually, through listening, reading and writing, or through activity. Be assured about learning in ways that match your learning style.



What is the procedure for hiring an AP Science tutor through TutorEye?



TutorEye makes online learning of AP Science a piece of cake. You can complete these steps quickly and begin online tutoring at any time. Choose your dates, flexibility, and plan according to your needs.


Sign up - Register on the website. It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up, and once you do, you will have access to all available tutors.


Review plans - We have created various pricing plans depending on various learning requirements. Choose the best plan for you.


Fill out the form to hire a tutor of your choice - Simply tell us when and on what topic you need tutoring, and we will match you with our best tutors based on your inputs. You can even begin learning with anyone from the suggested list.



Frequently Asked Questions



What is AP Science?


AP Science is a collection of AP courses in the science stream viz, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics. The AP courses are designed for high schoolers that give them exposure to college-level courses. Students who perform well in these exams can earn college credits and not take a semester in the said subject in college.



Which is the hardest AP science class?


Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism is usually considered one of the toughest AP Science classes. It requires rigorous applications of Calculus and also knowledge of many basic physics concepts that build up to the concepts of this subject.



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