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AP Statistics

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Let us simplify AP Statistics for you

It is a college-level Statistics course that is offered by the College Board for high school students in the US and Canada. If the students score well in the AP Statistics exam, they can earn valuable college credits. 

Besides, they may get a chance to skip the first semester in college statistics, an introductory statistics course. It covers understanding data, surveys, calculating probability, and statistical inference.


Expect To Study Topics like

  • Exploring one-variable data
  • Inference for Categorical Data: Chi-square
  • Exploring two-variable data
  • Data collection
  • Inference for Categorical Data: Proportions
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Inference for Quantitative Data: Slopes
  • Random Variables, Probability and Probability Distributions
  • Inference for Quantitative Data: Means


Do these sound difficult?

The difficulty level of this course is usually considered above average, at least in comparison with the other AP exams. According to the College Board, about two-thirds of the examinees scored grade 3 or above. But individual student’s abilities and preferences should give a clearer picture of whether or not it is meant for an individual. Some key pointers are:

  1. The time a student has after managing other classes and routine tasks.
  2. Student’s affinity for math including graphs and equations. But AP Statistics is not typical math that only requires solving problems, but a lot of observing and interpreting data too.
  3. Regular practice and completing homework are very important in staying on track with this course.
  4. The teacher and school support are very important in determining what kind of education you get in this subject.

Besides, students can take a demo session in AP Statistics from an online tutor to get an idea about the course and whether they can handle it. Online tutors can also work with the students who have already chosen this subject and are looking to fill their gaps in learning.


Don’t worry! It can be made easy

AP Statistics is a course that brings in many unique concepts that students do not study in any previous school math classes. So, some help is beneficial in order to understand the concepts.

So that you can figure out the probability, chi-square distribution, and other answers to AP Statistics questions with ease, TutorEye brings you 1:1 online tutoring in this subject. You can learn from verified tutors who have wide experience in helping students prepare for the exam. Study anytime, anywhere.

Here, the students can find online tutors who can explain each and every concept of this subject in a personalized way. They can also provide reliable homework help for confusing assignments.  

Further, the tutors can provide some practice problems and quizzes that may be helpful in getting accustomed to the exam pattern and getting solidified learning.


AP Statistics Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is AP Statistics?

AP Statistics is a one year course that students can study in high school. If they score well, they can get college credits and save college tuition worth thousands.

Question 2: How long is the AP Statistics exam?


The total duration of the AP Statistics exam is 3 hours.

Section 1 

      40 MCQs in 90 minutes.
       50% of the exam score.

Section 2 


     6 free-response questions in 90 minutes,
     50% of the exam score. 


Section 2      Part A   

       Question 1-5 in 65 mins, 37.5% of the exam score

Section 2      Part B

       1 investigative question in 25 mins, 12.5% of the exam score


Question 3: Is AP Statistics hard?

AP Statistics is harder than most other AP subjects, but a preferred choice for math students. Many prefer to take it over the AP Calculus courses. But, it can be made easier if one studies it with expert online tutors and practices problems regularly.


Question 4: Why Should I Take AP Stat?

AP Stat is an introduction to the statistical calculations that are highly needed in the real world of business, advertising, sports, and more. It can even help students in calculating some of the numerical questions in Physics classes. Moreover, they can get college credit worth one full semester if they get 3 or more in the AP Statistics exam.

In fact, in college, students need to study the whole syllabus in just 6 months. On the other hand, they can get a whole year to study it if they opt for it in high school. This gives the students more time to explore and get adept at this subject.

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