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Over a period of days shawna earned interest in an account paying an interest rate of find a


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1.I need help in summarizing this article: The air we inhale could be changing our conduct in manners we are just ...

we are just barely starting to understand.In the future, police and wrongdoing counteraction units may start to screen the degrees of contamination in their urban communities, and convey assets to the spaces where contamination is heaviest on guaranteed day.This may seem like the plot of a sci-fi film, however ongoing discoveries recommend that this likely could be a beneficial practice.Why? Arising contemplates show that air contamination is connected to disabled judgment, emotional well-being issues, more unfortunate execution in school and most worryingly maybe, more elevated levels of crime.These discoveries are largely the really disturbing, given that more than a big part of the total populace now live in metropolitan conditions – and a greater amount of us are going in blocked regions than any time in recent memory. However, perhaps, he thought, there could be other unfavorable impacts on our lives.To start with, he led an investigation seeing whether air contamination had an impact in psychological performance.Roth and his group saw understudies taking tests on various days – and furthermore estimated how much contamination was noticeable all around on those given days. Indeed, even a couple days prior and a couple of days after, they discovered no impact – it's truly upon the arrival of the test that the grade diminished altogether. To decide the drawn out impacts, Roth followed up to perceive what affect this had eight to 10 years after the fact. In this way, he daid that regardless of whether it's a present moment impact of air contamination, on the off chance that it happens in a basic period of life it truly can have a drawn out impact. In 2018 examination, his group broke down two years of wrongdoing information from more than 600 of London's discretionary wards, and tracked down that more insignificant violations happened on the most dirtied days, in both rich and poor areas.Although we ought to be careful about reaching determinations about connections, for example, these, the creators have seen some proof that there is a causal link.Wherever the haze of contamination ventures, wrongdoing increments. As a feature of a similar report, they thought about unmistakable regions over the long haul, just as following degrees of contamination over the long haul. This implies that an intercession at an early age ought to be a priority.Exposure to different poisons can cause aggravation in the cerebrum. There are numerous potential components that may clarify how air contamination influences our morality.Lu, for example, has shown that the simple considered contamination can impact our brain science through its negative associations.Naturally, the scientists couldn't truly uncover members with contamination, so they took the following best (morally supported) venture so they asked them to truly envision living around here, and how they would feel and how their life would be living in this climate, to make them mentally experience air contamination versus a perfect climate. He tracked down that the member's tension expanded, and they became more self-focussed – two reactions that could increment forceful and flippant practices. Along these lines, by raising people groups' tension, air contamination can detrimentally affect conduct. at the point when we are restless we are bound to punch somebody in the face, than when we are quiet. Lead analyst Joanne Newbury, from King's College London, says she can't however guarantee that her outcomes are causal, yet the discoveries are in accordance with different investigations proposing a interface between air contamination and psychological wellness. "It adds to confirm connecting air contamination to actual medical conditions and air contamination connect to dementia.
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2.It is estimated that during any one hour period, an average of 10 Internet users visit the website of Sport-Equip Ltd, ...

of Sport-Equip Ltd, a company that sells sports equipment. Some of the users who visit the website end up buying sports equipment from the website while others are simply browsing in order to obtain product information. (a) Clearly explain and justify which probability distribution you would use to describe the number of Internet users who visit the website of Sport-Equip Ltd in a one hour period. [There is no need to calculate any probabilities for this part of the question] (5 marks) (b) What is the probability that during any half-hour period, there will be less than 3 visitors to the website? (5 marks) (c) What is the probability that during any two-hour period, there will be more than 15 visitors to the website? (5 marks) (d) If a user has just visited the website, find the probability that the website will have another visitor within the next 10 minutes. In your answer, state the probability distribution you have used and explain your choice. (4 marks) (e) It is estimated that 40% of Internet users who visit Sport-Equip Ltd’s website buy a product from the company. If 100 users visit the website over a given period of time, find the probability that more than 50 of them will buy a product from the company. In your answer, state the probability distribution you have used and explain your choice
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3.Over a period of 300 days Shawna earned $400 interest, in an account paying an interest rate of 8% Find A) ...

Find A) the principle at the beginning of the 300 days B) ammount in the account at the end of the 300 days
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4.I. June is the brightest month in Toronto, with an average of 14 hours of daylight. In March and September there ...

ptember there are 12 hours of sunlight, and in December there are 10 hours of sunlight. Find a function for the average sunlight L(t) as a function of time, t, in months. Assume t = 0 is January and the number of hours of sunlight varies over the period of a year. b) What is the average amount of daylight in October?
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6.1. Paul wonders what it would be like to own a house of his own within five years. He now rents ...

o-bedroom apartment with a friend. He pays half the $740 monthly rent. A two-bedroom bungalow on his street is for sale with an asking price of $107 900 and has annual property taxes of approximately $2800. a) a. As a first time homebuyer, Paul would need a 5% downpayment. Calculate this amount. b) How much would Paul need to save each month to have the down payment saved is 5 years? Is this amount and the time period reasonable? Explain. c. Use a TVM Solver to determine the monthly mortgage payment for this house, less the down payment. Assume the interest rate is 6% per year and the mortgage is amortized over 25 years. d) Calculate the monthly payment to the bank for the mortgage plus the monthly portion of the property taxes. e) e. Bills from the current owners show that electricity averages $180 every two months, natural gas averages $115 per month, and water averages $260 every four months. Calculate the average monthly utility expenses for the house.
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7.The birth rate in a certain city is described by the following function b(t)=7.24 -0.04 t^2. The city's death rate ...

y's death rate is given by d(t)=4+0.05 t^2. Here, t is measured in years, and t = 0 corresponds to the start of the year 1990. The birth and death rates are measured in thousands of births or deaths per year. At the start of 1990, the population of the city is 200 thousand. Enter all the following answers correct to two decimal places... Calculate the total number of births between the start of 1990 and the end of 1999. Number of births = _____thousand. Calculate the total number of deaths over the same period Number of deaths = _____ thousand.
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8.I need a tutor to help me with ACCOUNTING homework in the attached IMG 8462 in reference with this Activity ...

Activity A2-4 is on page 78 of your textbook. It asks you to go to and enter the ticker symbol for Apple Corporation stock (AAPL). A page will open up which contains information on Apple, including interactive charts which allow you to see the movements in Apple's stock price over a selected period of time. Also included are Apple's most recent financial statements. Find the most recent financial statement information (not the 2008 information that is contained in the solution posted on the Blackboard site). Activity A2-4 then asks 10 questions about information that is contained in the financial statements. For example, question #7 asks what the annual dividend is on Apple stock. Take turns finding the answers to these questions until all 10 questions have been answered. Then think about whether you would invest money in Apple stock right now. Do you think it is over or under-priced? Why? and the other ones : IMG 8140 to 8143 Thank you
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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