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It is not a partnership but a shared goal to support students in their academic journey.

TutorEye has one mission, and that is to promote valuable education to students who come from any institution be it private, public, or individual. We provide 24/7 LIVE online tutoring in more than 100 subjects.

Our certified tutors offer instant help to students with 1:1 tutoring and in-depth insight into subjects, topics, and everything that comes under that.

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Schools are an integral part of a student’s education & we want to make their learning even more impactful through 1:1 LIVE online tutoring. The aim is to provide tutoring services to public, private, and school-as-institution. We have academic counselors, expert tutors, and we offer a complete whiteboard learning experience based on a personalized e-learning approach.

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Our tutoring efforts are designed according to the needs and learning desires of college and university students. Students require more clarity throughout their curriculum. By working in collaboration with universities; we make sure that students receive complete academic support and success through our specifically designed 1:1 tutoring platforms.

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Employees as parents are great multi-taskers, but when it comes to their child’s education; their effort amplifies. Parents feel more relaxed and satisfied when their children receive strong commitment & quality education. Parents feel at ease and motivated.

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Public Libraries

Students look up to public libraries for academic resources, and by tying up with the library, we would be able to soar our expert tutoring services to more than not just a school or university but several of their students.

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We help non-profit organizations support students in their academic journey by providing the best of learning packages and 1:1 complete guidance. Helping students achieve their academic success, gives us encouragement to fulfill a million dreams through tutoring.

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We are happy to have your organization on board and receive your inputs on how we can make this effort accomplished. We can assure you that with LIVE 1:1 tutoring, encouraging students to fulfill their dreams is lucrative.

Yes, tutoring is not the only way to reach a student’s desired academic goal, but yes, it has the power to influence grades in several ways.

So why online tutoring?

Sometimes, it’s not a student’s lack of preparation but the regret of missed opportunity.

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Schools are an integral part of a student’s education & we want to make their learning even more impactful through 1:1 LIVE online tutoring and we believe together WE CAN.

The USA has the best national average public school student to teacher ratio that is 16:1 but there is still an attention deficit that usually affects a student’s academic performance!

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Student’s often find themselves in troubled waters without ‘X’-tra guidance or help in understanding complex subjects. The problem is, in school, the class ratio for students to teachers is not appropriate.

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