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Plagiarism is the presentation of the words ideas or opinions of someone else as your own you are guilty


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1.Macroeconomic powerpoint presentation on Inflation vs deflation. Below is the Assignment description: This course has a Final Project which is ...

: This course has a Final Project which is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (you may also use Google Slides). You can choose a topic from this semester or something you come up with yourself, but your presentation must be about economics and be original (i.e. not just material verbatim that you have pulled from your text/readings or off the internet). Of course, you can still insert charts, graphs, videos, graphics and excerpts from outside sources (as long as you cite those sources!) I want to see your commentary and analysis, in your own words. IMPORTANT: Copying the work of others and representing it as your own (ex. copy and paste off of the internet or your text, OR using someone else's work and just changing a few words) is Plagiarism, a serious academic offense. I have enabled the Turnitin plagiarism checker for this assignment, to help you identify potential areas of plagiarism. Papers that are substantially plagiarized will NOT be accepted for grading. Although the format is a Power Point, I want to emphasize that this is NOT like your typical Power Point, which is basically an outline for a live presentation. Your project must be substantially loaded with content. The first slide should be your Introduction slide, the next 10-15 slides should be informational slides, the second to last slide should be your conclusion (which summarizes your presentation) and the last slide should be the reference slide. Make sure you review the rubric below BEFORE you start your project, so that you are clear on how your project will be graded. NOTE: The due date is Wednesday, 12/16. A 20% late penalty will be assessed every day for assignments submitted past this date. PLEASE contact me if you have any questions about the requirements of this project, plagiarism, citations...or any other concerns! Rubric: Final Project Presentation Criteria Ratings Pts Introduction 5.0 pts Excellent/Good 3.0 pts Satisfactory/Needs Improvement 1.0 pts Unsatisfactory 5.0 Content 35.0 pts Excellent/Good 25.0 pts Satisfactory/Needs Improvement 15.0 pts Unsatisfactory 35.0 Conclusion 5.0 pts Excellent/Good 3.0 pts Satisfactory/Needs Improvement 1.0 pts Unsatisfactory 5.0 Organization 15.0 pts Excellent/Good 10.0 pts Satisfactory/Needs Improvement 4.0 pts Unsatisfactory 15.0 References and Citations 10.0 pts Excellent/Good 7.0 pts Satisfactory/Needs Improvement 3.0 pts Unsatisfactory 10.0 Total points: 70.0
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2.Plagiarism is the presentation of the words, ideas, or opinions of someone else as your own. (2) You are guilty ...

are guilty of plagiarism if you submit as your own the words, ideas, or arrangement of material found in sources, such as books, magazines, or pamphlets (including Cliff's Notes), without crediting the source. (3) The ideas and opinions of someone else, even though expressed in your own words, must be acknowledged in the text or in a footnote. (4) You are also guilty of cheating/plagiarism if you copy the work of a fellow student, friend, or relative who is no longer in school or an essay from an internet source and submit it as your own. (5) A student who allows such copying is also guilty of plagiarism. (6) Penalties English classes for cheating/plagiarism include: an F grade (0) for the work involved: an automatic F in conduct; oral and/or written reprimands and/or referrals that will become part of your permanent record. (7) Colleges and universities don't play around with kids who plagiarize. (8) A student at the state university was accused of plagiarism last year. (9) The practice of obtaining essays from internet sources is increasing. (10) In order to protect the validity of a degree. (11) Colleges are taking serious measures to punish those students who "buy" papers. (12)Two common penalties are suspension and expulsion. (13) A guilty student may be suspended for a certain amount of time (a year or a semester). (14) If a student is expelled, he/she may never again return to that institution or to any accredited college or university in the nation. Question: Read this text to identify one example of plagiarism. Then identify one consequence of plagiarism at the college level. Be sure your response uses examples from the text.
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