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2.NOTE: This week you will write about tone and theme in TWO different poems. You must choose one from ...

from the Romantic period, and then you choose one from EITHER the Renaissance or Victorian periods to compare to the Romantic. The poems are provided for you in the overview pages for each period of poetry. To accomplish that, you must follow the above steps and complete the TPFASTT worksheet in order to gain the information you need to identify the theme/tone and to write about it. You will choose TWO poems on which to write. You will choose TWO. That means you'll have two responses about tone and two responses about theme. This is important: please make sure that the two poems you choose share the same theme. This is extremely important for being able to write the essay in the final module. They must share the same theme. Consider the following subjects when determining a theme: power, love, control, religion, science, gender roles, death/loss/mourning, beauty, or values.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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