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1.Please spend 20 minutes each day (Mon-Fri) that we are not in school this week applying what you have learned ...

e learned from your articles to the Socratic Seminar Questions below. Each response should be 1-3 Paragraphs long. For each question remember to cite information from the articles you read and analyzed. To What Extent Are We Our DNA? -In other words, how much of who we are does our DNA control? How do you take DNA from two people (parents) and combine it to make one person (child)? How can a child display a trait that neither of their parents themselves have? Do all populations have the same genetic variation? -How can we explain the pattern and trends we see in populations? To What Extent Are Genetic Variations a Life or Death Situation? -In other words, how do variations in a species’ DNA promise them Life or Death? What are the possible causes of genetic variation in a population? To what extent does genetic variation depend on mutations? How Has Our Increased Understanding of Genetics Affected Society? How has our increased understanding of genetics affected the world? How has our increased understanding of genetics affected the United States? How has our increased understanding of genetics affected your community?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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