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4.Respond to ALL FOUR QUESTIONS. Each question carries 5 marks. Response to each question attempted should be at least 500 ...

ould be at least 500 words. The document should adhere to APA guidelines. Please state the question and then post your answer below the Question. Q1. How does marketing research help in the marketing planning process? Use a hypothetical business (e.g. a small sporting goods store, local hardware manufacturing small business, an independent publishing company, etc.) to discuss how market research helps in compiling market intelligence with regard to aspects such as product decisions, customer segmentation decisions, brand and pricing decisions, keeping stakeholders happy. Q2. NuVision Lens, a mail-order contact lens company has struggled to break even after being five years in the eyewear market. The company’s founders had thought that high demand would exist for mail-order supply as a low-cost alternative to purchasing contact lenses at optical outlets. However, the market share of NuVision continues to be much less than the retail stores. NuVision Lens has hired you as their marketing consultant. Outline the steps that you will take to formulate a problem statement and research objective on the above situation. Q3.  Your friend, Ms.Destiny Brown is the CEO and founder of ‘Hide and Chic’ an upscale leather goods store based in Houston, Texas. Ms. Brown is actively considering to expand her company’s product line to include sports accessories including golf gloves, premium quality leather grips for tennis, squash, racquetball, badminton rackets, leather sports bags, etc. She has hired you to undertake a marketing research study to determine whether a market exists among retail outlets and sporting goods distributors in Houston, for these specialty items under the ‘Hide and Chic’ brand name. Define and describe the target population for this study? Discuss the sampling methods that could be used in this study. Recommend, with reasons, the most optimal sampling procedures for this study. Q4. Farm Fresh Grocery’ (FFG) has always used paper bags for sacking groceries. However, management has noticed that some competitors are offering reusable bags to their customers. FFG management has asked you to find out if its current customers would prefer bringing the reusable bags every time they visit the FFG store. A) Select two projective techniques to use in your research. Give reasons for your choice. B) Describe in detail how your two chosen techniques would be applied to this research problem.
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5.Please help me with my bio homework asap. i need just the answer walk through in really fast. Thank you so ...

nk you so much. here is the homework questions. it is total 50 questions. but this is really basic.
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8.The problem: Doug the gardener is working in a temperature controlled greenhouse. During a particular 12 hour time interval, the ...

r 12 hour time interval, the temperature in the greenhouse, T, at time t hours is given by the rule: T(t)= -0.1t(t-3)(t-12)+10 for t ∈ [0.12] a. State the minimum temperature in the greenhouse and the time when this occurs. b. Hence state the range of temperatures occurring in the greenhouse over the 12 hour period. c. For how many hours during the 12 hour time interval is T ≥ 20. I'm able to use a CAS to answer the question but I have no idea where to start. Please help
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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