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3.Write your final plan to address the potential barriers to your goal. Use complete sentences. You can also write about ...

n also write about other long-term goals you have and the barriers/solutions to them. Write in paragraph form (at least 75 words). Please help me
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4.I have a paper that is already too long depending on formatting (2 pages max), but I think I haven't ...

addressed everything I'm required to, so I need help condensing what I have and deciding whether there are key parts missing that I will need to add. I don't exactly need help writing, but help shortening what I've written and deciding whether or not to write more. I think the first step to getting this done is looking at the writing prompt and my essay and confirming which things I have already addressed sufficiently and which things are missing or incomplete. Level of detail/clarity, flow, and transitions would probably be the second step. "Level of detail" is where I can hopefully shorten some parts while still sufficiently addressing what I need to. But if you think a different approach or order is good, please let me know.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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