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1.I have a doubt on how to do a close reading essay. "Please provide a close reading of Thomas Wyatt's ...

'My Galley Charged with Forgetfulness' paying attention to how the poet uses the sonnet form." This is the assesment. I´ve been told that i need a thseis statement, and also sources supporting my points but i don't know what points to write. Please see attached the essay scheme wanted.
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2.I need a statistics test done, it is on hypothesis testing, and confidence interval. This is a 2 HOUR TIMED ...

R TIMED TEST, with 9 questions. I know what types of questions will be on the test, but I CANNOT INCLUDE THEM UNTIL WE ARE READY TO BEGIN THE TIMER. Please see my attached images, the first one on confidence intervals makes up questions 1-7, the second is a variation of these initial confidence interval questions, and the last picture shows the format of the last 2 questions on hypothesis testing. This gives you plenty of time and the questions are rather straight forward. I NEED SOMEONE ABLE TO BEGIN NOW. THE FINAL DEADLINE IS 11PM PST Thanks
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6.MUST access/view this website link to help me solve this one big lab question: ... And go/view liDAR image map of Scandinavia below the heading “Continental glaciation in liDAR” to view the image portion of the Scandanivia map on that site. I need help for this one final question regarding this liDAR image of Scandinavia for this lab assignment I’m doing to “Identify one of each of the following geomorphic 5 features below each associated with continental glaciation (TAKE a screenshot on your PC of an example of each from this liDAR map image of Scandinavia, and send those 5 images, labeling key features of the image, and put all 5 screenshot images of these below features with their labeled annotated key features in a Word Doc or PDF to SEND to me). From accessing this website link and using the liDAR map image of Scandinavia take take these 5 key feature screenshots, HERE are there 5 required features BELOW required to screenshot with key features labeled/annotated to take one of each on your PC( press “Fn” + “PrtScr” to screenshot images on your Windows PC(don’t know how on Mac PC) or use/downloa snippet program to take computer screenshots of these 5 features): glacial striations terminal moraine outwash delta esker kettles SEE attached photo file for same directions for this question as typed here, but for more better simpler clarity to read the same directions as typed here on this attached file. ALSO THIS Assignment is really due by 11:59 pm tonight 11/7, but I want it done at least by 7 or 8 pm today 11/7. Thanks, please try to help me ASAP, I’m struggling.
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7.1. Complete an algorithm, code and compile the following program. Save the program as Final Grade Calculator Write a program that ...

Final Grade Calculator Write a program that allows an instructor to calculate the final grade for the students in a class. Use the following menu to drive the program: 1. Enter new student information 2. Exit When the user chooses (1) they will be prompted for the following information: Number of Exams and the grade for each Number of Quizzes and the grade for each Number of Homework assignments and the grade for each Input validation: All grades entered must be between 0 and 100. The final grade is then calculated as follows: Exams: 40% of final grade Quizzes: 40% Homework: 20% Display the final grade for each student. The user may enter as many students as possible until they choose to quit. Please see attached output example. 2. Upload both your algorithm and your source code. Grading Rubric: (20 points) Include the following in your algorithm: Algorithm (3 points) If statements/Loops (8 points total) Main menu loop and if statements (4) Input validation loop for exam, quizzes, homework grade (2) Input validation for main menu (2) Calculations (9 points total) Average exams (2) Average quizzes (2) Average homework (2) Final Grade (3)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics