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Don't worry about credit cards and payments. Just bring your questions and start learning with the help of our online tutors.

Note: 30 minutes free trial for elementary and middle grades students
(Use the chat support to start your trial class).


Because "seeing is believing" All our new students can start with a free trial.

  • One-time instant help from subject matter experts.
  • Customized dashboard access
  • No credit or debit card required

Choose the plan that's best for you:

We have crafted different pricing plans based on different learning needs. Choose pay-as-you-go plan to clear a few doubts instantly or choose a more supported tutoring plan that can help you advance your subject knowledge.


Best for students who just want to clear a few doubts instantly.

  • Instant help from subject matter experts.
  • 24*7 live chat support
  • Customized dashboard access
  • No hidden costs & monthly charges

Best for students who want to strengthen their foundational knowledge for a topic.

  • 2-hours monthly learning support from subject matter experts
  • 24*7 live chat support
  • Customized dashboard access
  • Flexibility to upgrade or cancel the monthly auto renewal anytime
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Best for students who want to master a topic & practice the concepts.

  • Free learning style evaluation
  • 5-hours personalized expert learning support
  • Practice tests & quiz
  • + everything in the learner plan

Best for advancing skills in any topic & recommended for kids (5-13 yrs).

  • Priority on all requests
  • 20-hours personalized expert learning support
  • 2 Tutor & Parent monthly calls
  • + everything in the go-getter plan
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Written Help can also be availed by adding credit to your wallet

Avail Written help for as low as $5- $20 * depending on your study needs. Set your own budget by discussing it with the tutor of your choice.
Just tell us your:


GRADE- Are you a School grader or College level student seeking written help?


REQUIREMENT- Tell us about word count, number of questions, etc.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE- Depending on the immediacy of written assistance needed, you can chat with our tutor to discuss the budget.

You bring the PASSION and CURIOSITY and leave the rest to us!

Our FREE online live study sessions provide you with an affordable and flexible way to learn new topics and study difficult concepts. Learn from international online tutors and experts at no cost. You can find experienced tutors and get your doubts cleared in an online tutoring session.

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    Quality Online Tutoring for Better Grades.

  • Tutoring Online

    Schedule your tutoring session at your convenience.

  • Pricing Risk Free

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