Search probabilities-i-have-a-whole-assignment-on-it-but-i-do-not-understand-any-of-it-please-help-me

Probabilities i have a whole assignment on it but i do not understand any of it please help me


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2.I need to describe a probabilities in a table. let's say we have a table with A columns and B ...

In each row, we have some True, some false. I want to calculate the number of possibilities
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3.1. The player spins a spinner that has 8 outcomes - all of equal probability/size. The player then chooses a ...

hooses a card and gets a number. Each spinner outcome is numbered 1-8. If the player's card choice is equal to the spinner outcome they win a $5. If the card number is over the number on the spinner, they win $2. If the roll is under the number on the spinner, they win $1. If the player chooses the card Ace, or they land on 1, they will win nothing. I have to figure out the Theoretical probabilities table for this example but I do not know how, please help!!
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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