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The Libraries promote literacy and personal growth that boosts the quality of life. So at we facilitate easy and cost effective support to the library's mission to provide learning solutions for users of all ages, as well as equal access to information and education. provide an affordable, turnkey solution that includes on-demand online tutoring and access to thousands of our open online courses.

How Do We Help ?

Education for all is an easy access to those parents who cannot afford a private tutor or expand

Ensure Student Success provide high-quality training in Maths, Science, English and expand

Our Support Commitment

We provide professionally designed materials to promote your program for expand

Expertise in all core subjects

TutorEye dedicated online tutor team work diligently expand

24/7 Help for Students

We provide 24/7 access to carefully selected tutors in 40+ subjects and various expand

Track the progress

You will receive detailed, monthly reports to monitor how your students are expand


Strong Fundamentals

Focused on fundamentals to set a strong foundation of the course.

Overall Learning

Unique course design to provide an overall learning experience.

Advance Exercises

Advanced level exercises are built in the course.

Planned Curriculum

Built by experienced faculty, It is a time bound course.

One to one interaction

Student can interact one to one with tutor anytime 24/7.

Flip the classroom

Make Online tutorials homework, saving class time for concept mastery, discussion, and questions.

Close Skill Gaps

Help students current with software and technology and be more productive.

Learn with experts

Offer skills training from recognized experts who are working professionals.

Promote Readiness

Prepare students for college or the workplace with skills and digital media instruction that matters.

Thousands of courses

Roll out a vast and ever-growing course catalog.

24/7 Learning

Offer a learning resource available demand, the clock, from anywhere.

Mobile Access

Use our cloud-based online training library anywhere, from a tablet or smartphone device.

Seamless Intergration

We offer seamless integration to your website or LMS with Single Sign-in option.

Certificates of Completion

Encourage achievement and track user success with course Certificates of Completion.

Note taking

Provide the ability to take and revisit Online notes.

New Content

Constantly explore new content as courses are added each week at no additional cost.

Self-paced Learning

Help anyone learn at their own pace.

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