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SAT Test 2021 Details

Critical Reading Section

52 Questions related to reading passages and sentence completions.


65 minutes long

Writing & Language Section

44 Questions related to short essays and MCQs.


80 minutes long


58 Questions related to arithmetic, algebra, geometry, stats and probability.


35 minutes long

SAT Essay Section (Optional)

1 Question related to SAT Essay Section (Optional)


50 minutes long

bulb In total, the SAT test is 3 hours and 50 minutes long and hence one needs to be very patient and determined!

Sample SAT Test Questions:

SAT | Heart of Algebra | Linear Equations| No-Calculator | Easy

  • 8xy
  • 5y+3x
  • 5y+3x
  • 15xy

If Option c. is selected - Right – Because the number of words typed by Gerica is 5x and the number of words typed by Austin is 3y. So, the total number of words would be 5x+3y.

SAT | Heart of Algebra | No-Calculator | Medium

  • 0
  • 3
  • 6
  • 5

If Option b. is selected – Wrong – Following is the correct explanation.

Step 1: Square both sides with respect to x.

 (10x-25)  =x
( 10x-25  )2=x2

Step 2: Factor the quadratic equation.


Step 3: Separate the solution.

SAT | Additional Topics in Math| Complex Numbers | No-Calculator | Easy

  • 22-6i
  • 1+5i
  • 7-i
  • 9+5i

If Option c. is selected - Right – After combining the real and imaginary part we get 7-i.

SAT | Additional Topics in Math| Basic Trigonometry | No-Calculator | Medium

  • 5/13
  • 12/13
  • 5/12
  • 13/5

If Option a. is selected – Right – Because cos(90°-θ°)=sin(θ°), and given sin(θ°)=5/13.

SAT | Additional topics in Math | Circle Equation | No-Calculator | Medium

  • (x+2)2+y2=2
  • (x+2)2+y2=4
  • x2+y2=4
  • x2+(y-2)2=4

If Option c. is selected - Right– Because the standard equation of a circle is (x-h)2+(y-k)2=r2, where the center is (h,k).

So, the center of the given circle would be (-2,0). And, if translated 2 units right on an xy-plane, the center would become (-2+2,0)=(0,0).

Hence, the new equation of circle would be x2+y2=4.


SAT | Additional Topics in Math| Basic Trigonometry | No-Calculator | Medium

  • 53°
  • 74°
  • 37°
  • 16°

If Option b is selected – Right


SAT | Additional Topics in Math| Coordinate Geometry| No-Calculator | Medium

  • 1
  • -4
  • -2.5
  • 0

If Option b. is selected – Right – Because x-intercept is the point where the graph of function crosses the x-axis. And, in the above graph, it crosses the x-axis only at x=-4.

SAT | Passport to Advanced Math| Function | No-Calculator | Medium

  • 8
  • 16
  • 34
  • 26

If Option d. is selected - Right – Plug h(x)=x2+2(x+3) in the function g(x).

So, g(x)=x2+2(x+3)-4
Now, plug x=4.

Benefits of Scoring High on SAT Test

In the United States, students after high school are expected to prepare for the SAT exam as it is a standardized exam that is used during college admissions by universities. Scoring well on the SAT test is important for students as all admissions offices across the country combine a variety of factors in their evaluation criteria - college application, high school transcript, extracurriculars along with the SAT test scores before making their final decision about your admission at the school or university.

Now, the next question that might be popping in your head is – What is considered an excellent score on the SAT test? Well, SAT scores have a range of 400 to 1600 points but based on your preparation and your confidence level on the day of the test, you have a chance of scoring a maximum of 1600 points.

But one needs to prepare well in advance and put in a lot of study hours to get an above-average score. As per the United States college board data, if you get a composite SAT score of 1083 fall in the above-average range. But students aiming for merit-based scholarships should aim for SAT scores above 1400 as SAT scores can act as a deciding factor for college merit-based scholarships.

Below is the list that shows top 2021 colleges in the United States as per US News:


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So, you just share your goals with us and let us hold your hand, and take you on the SAT test prep journey. You will be supported throughout your SAT test prep journey by a dedicated subject matter expert who understands your strengths and weaknesses and continues to adapt the teaching material based on the pace of your learning. We also stand behind the quality of each tutoring session given to you and if at any point you feel unsatisfied with a session, then within 48 hours of receiving your feedback, we will actively respond and reschedule your session with another tutor.

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Each student has a different learning style and learning pace, and that is the reason we don’t offer a standard SAT prep program and SAT private tutoring. We allow our students to prepare for the SAT exam at their own pace and our SAT teacher adapts to the child’s learning style to make the whole process easy and fun. The self-paced SAT program at TutorEye gives you the independence and flexibility of learning anytime anywhere.

Industry research indicated that 50% of the students score lower than their expectations in their first attempt and hence end up taking the SAT exam multiple times. But we at TutorEye want to partner with you in a way where you achieve your expected SAT score in one go. This way you will be able to spend quality time filling college applications.

Our self-paced SAT prep program welcomes and invites all students regardless of grade and level of preparation. So don’t worry if you just began your SAT prep journey or looking for help for your second SAT exam. We are here to help you in the process.
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Top SAT Questions:

How do I prepare for a 2021 SAT?

To prepare for SAT 2021, you must follow these steps:

  • • Go through previous years’ question papers to get well-versed with the pattern of exam
  • • Keep yourself updated about the news about the changes in the exam
  • • Start practicing early by solving sample questions and taking mock exams from standard online sources
  • • Carefully go through SAT Reading Tests questions and analyze each section to know how much time to devote to a particular section
  • • Build on your vocabulary
  • • Read between the lines and understand the tone of the author and the underlying meaning of the text
  • • Draw logical conclusions and make inferences where necessary
  • • Take online tutoring help to identify gaps in your understanding and train early
Moreover, if you need help with a particular section, we can help you prepare from scratch. So connect with our online experts now.

The syllabus of the Scholastic Assessment Test or (SAT) exam can broadly be classified as:

  • • Reading
  • • Writing and Language
  • • Math
  • • SAT essay and optional subjects ( scrapped due to COVID)
  • • Build on your vocabulary
  • • Read between the lines and understand the tone of the author and the underlying meaning of the text
  • • Draw logical conclusions and make inferences where necessary
  • • Take online tutoring help to identify gaps in your understanding and train early
The exam lasts for 3 hours and the score ranges from 400-1600. To prepare for any of the above sections or to get an in-depth overview, connect with our experts to begin preparation to get a college of your choice.
The answer to this question is that it depends on the student taking the exam. For a novice with no preparation, sure it can appear to be hard. But to a well-trained student who has taken multiple tests and solved sample papers, it can be an adventure of a lifetime.

So the question is how difficult will the SAT be for you? Here’s what you can do to make it easy:

  • • Start preparing early
  • • Practice time management
  • • Give each question its due
  • • Solve enough mock papers to avoid careless mistakes
  • • Learn to concentrate well as you need to devote hours to each section
  • • Take help from verified online tutoring experts
Hence, keep pushing and keep working hard to pull your scores and get better at it.