How to find scholarships for colleges in 2021.

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Don’t know how to find scholarships for college?

TutorEye has complied the list of top college scholarships for 2021.

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Listed below are the best scholarships available along with the detailed application process & associated deadlines.


NextStepU – College Scholarship

Amount - $2,500

Deadline - March 1, 2021 and August 31, 2021

Stand a chance to pay your college tuition by simply registering at This scholarship requires no essay submissions, you do not need to meet any minimum GPA score which means this is the coolest scholarship you can possibly apply for in 2021.

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WiseGeek Mental Health Well-Being Scholarship

Amount - $500

Deadline - April 1, 2021.

This is a college scholarship program aimed to help U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident who have personally experienced mental health issues or had to handle a close family member facing mental health challenges. Students looking for graduate and undergraduate programs can apply for the scholarship. Once again you don’t need to write an essay in order to apply for the scholarship program.

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STEM Scholarships

Amount - $2,500

Deadline – April 15 th , 2021

The STEM Scholarships is sponsored by the Intertech Foundation that is driven to support young talent interested in advancing their career in the field of science, engineering, and technology. This scholarship is a best fit for students, citizens of US and bright in Math and science, wanting to pursue high education in computer science. One needs to be accepted at the university in United states to apply for this scholarship as the requirements include copy of official school transcript, two letters of recommendation, copy of university acceptance letter and a short essay showcasing their passion of learning computer science and leveraging their knowledge in changing the world.

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The Kaplan Group Business Scholarship

Amount - $1,000

Deadline – August 15 th , 2021

The scholarship Kaplan Group’s way of giving back to the world by supporting education and helping students grow in their careers. This scholarship is available to any undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a business or law- oriented degree program in the United States. The application process requires the candidate to have a GPA minimum 2.5 or above, three short essay written 600-words each on topics listed on the website.

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Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF)

Amount - $500,000 Funded Annually (Individual Scholarship Amount Varies)

Deadline – Common form Scholarship - February 22, 2021. Renewal Scholarship application - May 31, 2021.

For over 30 years, Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF) has been collecting and investing the funds from individual donors in the county to sponsor college education for thousands of students. The donors of the scholarship funds are committed towards helping students achieve their dreams and pursue higher education without getting overwhelmed by the college tuition fees. In 2020 JCCF awarded 199 scholarships totaling $684,572!

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Competitive Cheer Athletes Scholarship

Amount - $50,000 Funded Annually (Individual Scholarship Amount Varies)

Deadline – February 26, 2021.

The Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan (CCCAM) provides scholarships to members of a current MHSAA Competitive Cheer team and graduating senior athletes with a 3.5 GPA score. The application requirements for this scholarship are strict and one has to submit a sealed copy of their high school transcript along with a minimum of two letters of recommendation and a short essay. Last year (2020), fifty thousand dollars were raised in the invitational scholarship amount.

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Pennsylvania Land Surveyors' Foundation Scholarship

Amount – Amount Varies

Deadline – May 1 st , 2021.

This is a scholarship is there to provide academic education support to of students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who are citizens of United States & aiming to become Professional Land Surveyors and pursue this as a profession. This scholarship requires the candidate to be enrolled in either a two- or four-year ABET accredited surveying or similar program. Along with this, one needs to submit the high school transcripts, SAT scores and recommendation letter.

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Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin Scholarships

Amount - $180,000 Funded Annually

Deadline – February 15 th , 2021

The 6. Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin has been in existence for over 39 years and has impacted the lives of the locals in the Central Wisconsin area. The people associated with the foundation believe in giving together based on the interest in supporting a variety of causes from Arts & Culture to Education, Environment, Wellness etc. Every year the foundation helps support & sponsor higher education for hundreds of students from the Portage and Waushara counties.

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New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship

Amount - Up to 15 scholarships of $10,000 each

Deadline – May 12, 2021

This scholarship is available to all undergraduate seniors who have been accepted to a master’s program or students currently pursuing master’s or doctoral (research or clinical) degrees. There are categories of scholarships that a students can indicate while applying for the graduate student scholarship: International Student Scholarship, Minority Student Scholarship, NSSLHA Scholarship, Student With a Disability Scholarship.

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College Raptor Scholarship!

Amount - $2,500

Deadline – June 30, 2021

This scholarship is designed to help students make their college decision & be able to pay for college tuition in time. One has to be a legal resident of the United States and enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution – College or University. The application process requires the candidates to submit an essay.

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New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship

Amount - $1,000

Deadline – July 31st, 2021

This merit-based scholarship program is funded by Gen and Kelly Tanabe, best-selling authors on education and the scholarship is designed to help 9-12 grade school students in the united states fulfill their dreams of a higher education. The award can be used for tuition, room and board, required fees or any educational expense.

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Jordi Labs Scholarship

Amount - $1,000

Deadline – July 31st, 2021

This scholarship is funded by Jordi Labs as they intent to support high school students, undergraduates, and graduates who are interested in advancing their career in the field of analytical chemistry. There is a short application form provided in the link below and the candidate needs to fill the contact details along with proving a detailed answer to What makes them the best candidate for this scholarship?

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Amount - $5,00 Monthly

Deadline – N/A

This scholarship is designed to reward student who have the creative skills. As per the requirements, the student has to be enrolled in a credited high school or university within the United States of America with a minimum GAP of 3.0. Also as the name suggest the applicant needs to showcase their creativity and how their creative design or creation has helped make a difference to the world. There is also an essay submission requirement.

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FMAA Scholarship Program

Amount - $2,000 Annually

Deadline – 30th May 2021

This college scholarship is an annual scholarship offered to high school students looking for help & support for their college education. The main criteria to apply for the scholarship is to show thoughtfulness and creativity about the significance and meaning of American flag. The applicants can submit videos showcasing their thoughts.

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Amount - Varies

Deadline – 31th May 2021

The scholarship welcomes all students accepted at a community college, in UG or PG program in the United States. The scholarship guidelines require all applicants to maintain a strong academic standing with cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Also in addition the candidate has to submit an essay showing their passion about entrepreneurship & how they will make the world better with their idea.

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Amount - $1000 Annually

Deadline –1st June 2021 scholarship offers an annual scholarship to the family members of anyone employed with the organization and caters to students in high school and college in the United States and Canada. The scholarship guidelines require all applicants to submit original content in their application. Applicants are required to submit a short story or informational article in up to 800 words.

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Odenza Vacations College Scholarship

Amount - $500 Annually

Deadline –1st June 2021

The scholarship program is designed for United States students applying to colleges from the age group of 17 and 24 years. In the application form, students are required to submit answers to the essay question, which is listed on the admission page as well as upload the GPA score. Candidates are required to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above in order to qualify for the scholarship application.

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