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UpGRADE all the way from K-12 to University level with TutorEye!

Schools & Colleges can now provide students 24/7 on-demand help

Get ready to partner with us and get one-on-one personalized tuition from some of the highly qualified tutors. We provide personalized care to students by providing 24/7 online tutoring and a chance to connect with the best in the field.

We are now open to partner with Schools, Colleges, and Universities to extend dynamic academic support. Here we provide our partners access to reporting tools such as the dashboard to track student’s progress. Our metrics can help administrators to identify student’s learning gaps and take action to help students score big in life.

TutorEye provides tools to the institutes of higher learning to create custom tutoring plans and access to academic resources for their students. Our online tutoring platform offers study help for over 40+ subjects in core academic areas

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24/7 Academic Support

Our team of carefully selected online tutors is available 24/7 to help students prepare for various test preparations. Students can access our academic resources even when the schools are closed. We provide carefully designed course materials to promote your program for students and parents. By adding a single link to your Website, you can hand it over to us to activate the learning portal for the students.

Access to academic experts

Our highly qualified team of online tutors works diligently to extend academic support round the clock. Any time the learning need strikes, rest assured our subject expert is just a click away

Track the progress

We provide our partner schools and Universities detailed monthly reports to monitor their student’s progress after enrolling in our program. Customized reporting is provided as per the individual College’s requirements.


Personalized Learning

Unique course design to provide an overall personalized learning experience.

Advanced Exercises

Get access to built-in advanced level exercises in the course.

Strong Fundamentals

We lay special emphasis on conceptual clarity and provide a strong foundation in fundamentals.

Planned Curriculum

A time-bound course built by experienced faculty.

One-on-one interaction

One-on-one tuition with a subject expert to clear doubts during any time of the day!.

24/7 Learning

Our learning resources are available 24/7. On-demand tutoring is now accessible round the clock, anywhere.

Mobile Access

Use our from a tablet or smartphone device whenever you need a study boost.

Seamless Integration

We offer seamless integration to your website or LMS with a single Sign-in option.

Replay your session

Record your study session to revise the concept later.

Self-paced learning

Learn at your own pace and avoid the feeling of getting rushed. Our online faculty ensures that students take charge of the pace of their learning.

Verified Tutors

Every tutor undergoes a rigorous screening process and has to qualify subject exams, third party background checks and excel in mock tutoring sessions.

Monitoring & CI

As part of our CI (continuous improvement )process, we audit each and every class for improving students’ experience and give detailed feedback to tutors.

We provide our students 24/7 free help desk support and a tailored cost-efficient fee plan. UpGRADE now by connecting with the seasoned tutors today.

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