Join TutorEye’s school partnership for a learning program and help students raise test scores.

Are you a school administrator determined to achieve new school year goals?


Three ways we can work together to help students succeed:

ways to student success

The above three are the real reasons for the existence of TutorEye’s School Partnership for Learning program which is focused on mentoring & tutoring students.

We partner with schools across the nation to support a blended learning environment that promotes engaged learning and reduces the learning gaps between students from various backgrounds.

Want to know more about how TutorEye can help you with your goal:

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Raise test scores through increased student learning!

We at TutorEye start our relationship with the child through an assessment. This way, we understand the child’s learning style and the knowledge level and can find the best tutor base on their needs.

Based on the initial assessment results, our tutors get goals with the student, modify and personalize their teaching style and tailor the pace of teaching based on the student needs.

To help boost their confidence further, our tutors do a personal one on one review of the progress report with each student and highlight their key strength areas along with providing next steps to improve their grades in class.

Sample Assessment Report


Create an excitement for the learning environment.

We understand studying difficult and complex topics can quickly become boring for students and become the bottlenecks in their success.

Therefore, TutorEye has built smart study tools for all subjects and all grades that help students learn more in less time. All these online learning resources are self-paced learning tools and will make students fall in love with learning.

Students can take advantage of our free online learning resources such as online practice tests, online study guides and flashcards, in all subjects for all grades, to make learning fun and easy.


Keep parents happy and involved:

We understand that presentation of data can help you maintain healthy communication with parents.

Therefore, we at TutorEye provide our partner schools customized detailed reports to monitor student’s progress after enrolling in our program. These reports can be shared easily with parents and help them gain a better understanding of their child’s academic progress.

Detailed school records provide parents with peace of mind that their child’s academic and personal development is being looked after, as well as their general safety and daily wellbeing.

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Free interactive live online discussion on subjects, topics, and concepts that are difficult for students to learn.

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