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Sketch the graph of y sqrt x using a table of values of points


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2.The cost of gym membership, C, in Australian dollars (AUD), in Paolo’s Gym can be modelled by the function C = 65t ...

function C = 65t + 30 where t is the time in months. (a) Calculate the gym membership cost over a six month period. (b) Sketch the graph of the function C = 65t + 30 for t ≥ 0. (c) Calculate the time, t, in months, when the total cost reaches 290 AUD. In the neighbouring Nicolo’s Gym, the initial payment is 75 AUD higher than in Paolo’s Gym, however the monthly fee is lower at 30 AUD per month. (d) Determine the number of months it takes for the total cost to be less by attending Nicolo’s Gym in comparison to Paolo’s Gym.
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3.Grogu is doing work installing moisture vaporators on Tatooine. The number of moisture vaporators installed increases as time increases, and ...

stalled increases as time increases, and then there is rest during which no moisture vaporators are installed, then more moisture vaporators are installed, another rest, then more moisture vaporators are installed. What is a possible sketch of a graph that shows Grogu’s moisture vaporator installations during a day on Tatooine? Label Each section
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4.A weather balloon has a capacity of 11 ft3 . It is filled with hydrogen at a constant rate. Initially, the balloon ...

itially, the balloon contains 4 ft3 of hydrogen and it takes 14 seconds to com- pletely fill the balloon. (a) At what rate is the balloon filled? (b) Find a linear function V that models the volume of hydrogen in the balloon at any time t. (c) What can you say about the graph of V ? (You do not need to sketch the graph.)
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5.If the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2, then that means an object falling at 90° will be traveling 9.8 ...

ing 9.8 m/s after 1 second, 19.6 m/s after 2 seconds, and so on. Use the data values in your table to sketch a rough graph of velocity versus time for the 10° angle and another for the 40° angle. What value do the slopes of these graphs represent? Which graph has the greater slope? Why?
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