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2.Alfonso and Gracie have decided to join a gym! Gracie found a gym that costs $20 to join and ...

s $4 per class. Alfonso found a gym that costs $34 to join but only $2 per class. Solve the system algebraically to determine the number of classes at which the gyms would cost both Gracie and Alfonso the same amount.
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3.Carter and his children went into a bakery where they sell cupcakes for $3 each and cookies for $0.50 each. ...

0 each. Carter has $35 to spend and must buy a minimum of 15 cupcakes and cookies altogether. If xx represents the number of cupcakes purchased and yy represents the number of cookies purchased, write and solve a system of inequalities graphically and determine one possible solution. Inequality 1: Inequality 2: graph it
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4.They solve a system of equations representing the price of a T-shirt, t, and the price of a sweatshirt, s. ...

rt, s. They find that t = 32 and s = 44. What does the solution of the system mean in this situation?
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6.The drama club is selling tickets to their play to raise money for the show's expenses. Each student ticket sells ...

ticket sells for $7 and each adult ticket sells for $10.50. The auditorium can hold no more than 110 people. The drama club must make no less than $840 from ticket sales to cover the show's costs. If x represents the number of student tickets sold and y represents the number of adult tickets sold, write and solve a system of inequalities graphically and determine one possible solution.
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7.Questions Question#1 (3-2) a) Use the inversion algorithm to invert A=[■(1&2&1@1&1&1@1&1&2)] b) Use your result in (a) to solve the system: ■(x&+2y&+z&=1@x&y&+2z&=2@x&+y&+2z&=3) Question#2 (5) (modified ...

Use your result in (a) to solve the system: ■(x&+2y&+z&=1@x&y&+2z&=2@x&+y&+2z&=3) Question#2 (5) (modified from #13 p. 102 in your book) Solve the matrix equation for X X[■(1&1&1@1&2&0)]=[■(1&1&1@3&4&2)] Question#3 (5) (modified from #9 p. 102 in your book) Let [■(a&0&b&2@0&a&3&6@0&a&b&c+2)] be the augmented matrix of a linear system. Find for what values of a,b,c the system has: (i) a unique solution (ii) a one-parameter solution (iii) a two-parameter solution iv) no solution Question#4 (7) Write the matrix A=[■(-1&1&-1@1&1&-1@1&-1&2)] as a product of elementary matrices Question#5 (3) Find the determinant by any method: |■(0&-1&0&0&1@1&1&1&3&1@1&2&3&1&2@1&-1&0&3&1@1&-1&1&0&1)| Question#6 (3-2)Given thissystem: ■(x_1&+2x_2&+x_3&=1@x_1&-〖3x〗_2&+0x_3&=2@x_1&+0x_2&+2x_3&=3) a) Use Cramer’s method to solve for x_1 only b) Solve for the other variables by any method.
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8.Boris is making trail mix to sell as a fundraiser for the school outdoor club. -The mixture will have 2 times ...

ve 2 times as many kilograms of peanuts as of sunflower seeds. -Peanuts cost $15/kg and sunflower seeds cost $8/kg. -Boris has $152 to spend. If you let x=kilograms of peanuts andy=kilograms of sunflower seeds, write a system of equations with elimination that could be used to solve Boris' problem.
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