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1.I have a Stats project to write I have the data and the hypothesis but I don't know where to ...

r that. Here the requirement my professor posted: 1. Statement of Abstract for the project. It must explain the scope of the research, and it must include your reasons for choosing this research 2.Statement (Detailed) of your Hypothesis before collecting your data 3. Description of the data you used in the research. This should include a statement describing each data item, its type and purpose. It should also contain a detailed description of how the data was obtained. THat is, was it obtained from interviews and if so, how many interviews were performed and where they were performed. If te data comes from other sources then document those sources 4. Description of Descriptive Statistics, and include copies of the Descriptive Statistics Output. You should also include the data analyzed and compared. What types of Descriptive were performed 5. Statistical Inference Tests (I.e. How your Hypothesis were tested) 6. Statements of your results from Descriptive Analysis and Statistical Inference Testing
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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