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Be a student brand ambassador. TutorEye provides you a platform to show you hidden talent and gain hands on market experience.


About TutorEye

TutorEye is an online tutoring platform that works for the students and helps them according to their individual needs. Whatever they have not understood in the classroom or any problem they are facing in the assignments or quizzes, they can use TutorEye to feed their inquisitive mind.

At TutorEye student can get unlimited access to all the courses and a tutor 24/7 in Math, Science, English and various Test Preps. After that, if they still have some questions in their mind, they can get an online tutor who can help them and clear all their queries.

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Benefits of Becoming a
Student Brand Ambassador


Best part time job

Here you work with an expert team of TutorEye, where you work part time with your regular studies and still earn a good amount of money.


Upgrade your resume

TutorEye gives you an excellent opportunity to gain experience and upgrade your resume for the future job perspectives.


Get Certificate

We also provide an Experience Certificate after completing, at least, six months with TutorEye.


Challenge your capabilities

Grab this opportunity where you can test your abilities and see yourself rising professionally.


Be socially active

This job makes you a socially active student who in addition to his regular studies, takes part in various social activities to promote TutorEye.

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Qualities You Should Have


A social person keen to work with TutorEye, who can reach thousands of students and help them in their studies by introducing them to online tutoring.


We are looking for a person that can represent TutorEye in front of the audience and become a partner with social leaders and organizations.


Must have a strong inclination towards researching and implementing solutions to elevate TutorEye's performance in students and tutors.

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Contact With Us

We take our user seriously. If you need our help with
your account, have any questions or facing some
kind of issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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