Virtual Summer Camp at TutorEye For Elementary, Middle School Students
Summer Camp

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Spend your summer exploring & engaging in fun activities at our Virtual Summer Camp 2021

Get ready for the adventurous & study ride this summer with lots of interactive sessions, fun activities on various subjects for elementary and middle school students.

Camps begin on 9th June!

Explore the right camp for yourself! Here are the categories:

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Mental Math Tricks - Summer Camp

Mental Math Tricks

Rev up your child's problem solving ability at TutorEye’s Summer Camp 2021

Do you wish to excel in mental math tricks and faster math calculations? Get ready to be a PRO as you will train with the best Mathematics tutors memorizing tricks to do speedy calculations at our Math Summer Camp 2021!

Spoiler Alert:

For those who register and ace their assessment and get a score of:

- 90% and above will get a 15% discount on our services for one year.

- 80% and above will get a 10% discount on our services for one year

for $160 only

Day1: Combat Monday Blues by revising the basics

Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Yes, it’s time to take your mental math ability to a level-up by revisiting the old familiar way of solving sums and equations.

Here’s what we’ll help young math magicians solve quickly without pencil or paper

-“What is 5 +6?”

-“What is 16-4?”

-“What is 4x5?”

-“What is 12/ 2?”

Our tutors will interact with young scholars and do fun activities throughout the session.

Day2: Tuesday to hone your Math prowess

Yes we’ll play a game to know:

-”What comes next?”

-”What comes before? “

-”What comes between?”

Also, students will have to identify the 2D and 3D shapes.

Day3: Catch on Wednesday mania to excel in mental ability

Are you ready to answer? Let’s look for

- Odd one out.

- Identify the even and odd numbers.

- Map your reading time

Day4: Awesome Thursday to upgrade your Mathematics quotient

Things just got interesting! This is what we’ll do:

- Learn about the real world by doing a simple counting money activity

- Excel in Math by quickly arranging numbers in ascending, descending order

- Perform “greater than”, “less than”, “equal” operations

- Quick recap by doing fun place value activity worksheets

Day5: Frumpy Friday to train the genius

Here’s the plan:

- It’s time to solve fraction activity worksheets

- Can you read Roman numerals? Let’s find out!

- Get set to play mental math pictorial games

Quick Checklist:

- Duration: Our Math expert will spend 45 minutes with elementary level students and 60 minutes with middle school students each day to hone their skills.

- Platform: Zoom classes are a class apart! Prepare yourself for the best summer camp of your student life.

- Objective:Learn Time Management, vedic Math tricks and academic skills to solve Math quickly and perform faster calculations.

Register now to camp with the best and expand your mathematical ability to do faster calculations in your head.

Get ready for the best Summer Math Camp for Elementary and Middle School students today!

ScienceLab at Home - Summer Camp

Science Lab at Home

See your budding scientist run a science lab at home

Get ready for some fun science experiments this summer! We, at TutorEye, are bringing science labs to your home this summer. Packed with all the elements to fuel & ignite the curiosity of the young learner. We will be leveraging all things available easily at home to experiment and enhance scientific knowledge and rational thinking ability of our learners.

for $80 only

For budding scientists in elementary school, here’s your plan:

Day 1- Have fun with Science

  • - Discuss ideas about matter and various states of matter
  • - Let’s do some fun activity like - crushing an empty bottle
  • - Conduct an experiment to observe air in an empty bottle

Day 2- It’s time to explore the basics

  • - Discuss properties of matter: volume, shape and have fun with mass-imploding can
  • - Let’s get ready to discover air pressure

Day 3-Eureka! Look what I found:

  • - Air can also exert pressure
  • - DIY Hovercraft
  • - Ready to find out “What is air pressure?”

Day 4- Time to do a little fact-check

  • - Get ready to check acid and basic substances in your surroundings
  • - What's Invisible ink?
  • - Are you ready to differentiate between “What is acid & base?”

Day 5- Campers it’s time to do some activities together

  • - Play with objects in your surrounding like a “bouncy egg”

Each session will last from 45 min to 120 minutes. Hurry now!

For budding scientists in middle school, here’s your plan:

Day 1- Know your concepts right

  • - Let’s learn the concept of electricity
  • - Wait! Is bending water for real?
  • - What’s static electricity ?

Day 2- Learn your elements

  • - Get ready to discuss elements around us
  • - What’s gallium? Let’s find out.

Day 3- Time to discover chemical and physical processes around us

  • - Learn all about chemical reactions
  • - Have fun with exploding bags

Day 4- It’s time to conduct experiments

  • - How can we recognize any chemical reaction?
  • - How does a chemical reaction occur in a balloon inflator?

Day 5- Let’s revise

  • - Brush up your basics by getting an overview on “Chemistry at glance”
  • - It’s time to wrap up by understanding the conclusion of all topics

Each session will last from 60-120 minutes. Register your child to enjoy science camp activities today!

Vocab Wiz - Summer Camp

Vocab Wiz

Let your child explore the world of words at our vocabulary summer camp 2021.

One way to help your child do well in school is to help them build their vocabulary. Our elementary & middle school campers will have fun playing vocabulary games & exploring the world of words. Just 2 hours a day will take their vocabulary a long way.

for $160 only

What’s there in vocab wiz summer camp for Elementary Students?

Day1 Hone your analytical skills

  • - Which word is not like the others ?
  • - Find the odd one out
  • - Convert the odd one into a suitable one
  • - Let’s get ready to make a new group

Day2 Let’s have fun with homonyms

  • - Explore the multiple meaning words
  • - Fun with words with many meanings along with examples
  • - How to use the right words in different contexts?
  • - Identifying the right meaning and get a grade point

Day3 Familiarize yourself on usage of prefixes and suffixes

  • - Making words using prefixes
  • - Making words using suffixes
  • - Prefix versus suffix- know the difference!

Day4 Use the correct homophone

Ready to find out where can you use:

  • - Desert or dessert
  • - Accept or except
  • - Effect or affect

Day5 Sentence weaving with words

Get ready to:

  • - Pick your favourite word groups.
  • - Write sentences using them
  • - Modify the sentences by replacing the words

Checkout Vocab Wiz summer camp details for Middle school Students:

Day1 Let’s decipher Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs

We’ll focus on uncovering confusing words

  • - Knowing the difference
  • - Knowing the meaning
  • - Using the right words

Day2 Get help with Connectors and Conjunctions

Here’s how to use transition markers :

  • - Importance of transition words
  • - Using transition words appropriately
  • - Get to know some commonly misused connectors

Day3 It’s time to brush up on adjectives and adverbs to enhance writing

Snapshot of what we’ll cover:

  • - Adjectives to make sentences attractive
  • - Adverbs to add more influence
  • - Putting adjectives and adverbs together

Day4 Have fun with Idioms

Let’s find out:

  • - Interesting idioms
  • - Stories behind the idioms
  • - Using idioms in sentences.

Day5 List of commonly misspelled words

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • - Choose the correct word
  • - Identify the error
  • - Correct the error
  • - Use the word in a sentence correctly

Become a Vocab- Wiz by registering for our English Summer Camp at TutorEye. Reserve your spot now!

Coding for kidz - Summer Camp

Coding for KIds

Ahoy little campers! It’s coding time for kidz. Get ready for some coding fun and excitement!

Do you see a future programmer in your family? If so, this is your chance to empower your child with coding skills. Our coding for kidz summer camp guarantees 2 hour of learning and fun daily for both elementary and middle school students.

for $140 only

Schedule for elementary school coding students

Day1 Begin with the Basic concepts


  • - How to create your own interactive stories,animation,games,music,art?
  • - How to drag the blocks and uses of blocks?
  • - How to save?

Day2 Fun with building blocks

  • - Create your own creative paint and use the image!
  • - How to make a duplicate sprite?

Day3 Let’s get creative

  • - How to add sound?
  • - Playing sound using condition blocks.

Day4 Work with the masters

  • - How to perform various mathematical operations?
  • - How to make comic stories?
  • - How to bounce a ball?

Day5 It’s a Wrap!

  • - Quick revision of all the topics.
  • - How to count the length of the words?
  • - Let’s create something from your idea

Day Wise schedule for middle school coding students

DAY 1 Brush up your fundamentals

  • - Introduction of HTML, All Elements, Tags ,Attributes.
  • - Let’s create the first web we’ll have an introduction of students on the webpage.

DAY2 Let’s talk coding!

  • - Introduction to CREATING TABLE , PAGE LINK, list with examples and so much more!
  • - Let’s make your Report Card

DAY3 A peek behind the scenes

  • - We’ll create a form using all attributes and buttons.
  • - Make a registration form using html.

Day4 Next Big Step

  • - Create a GOOGLE homepage

Day5 Time to play in big leagues

  • - Create your Facebook homepage

Terms and conditions for the summer camp:

- When you make a purchase, you are confirming that you understand our purchase conditions and have accepted them on behalf of yourself and the student you are registering for.

- Your spot in the summer camp will be secured with a 100% non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of confirmation. The reservation fee is non-refundable unless TutorEye cancels your summer camp anytime due to unforeseen circumstances.

- Once the summer camp is booked, changes are not allowed to be made.

- No fee will be refunded if you decide to leave the summer camp before the scheduled finish date due to any reasons.

- All invoices will be delivered in USD.

- After your payment is successfully received, we will forward you a copy of your invoice and we will share a registration confirmation email with details about the summer camp and how to access the camp. (Please make sure to check your promotion email folder).

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