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Suppose you have a rubber kg rubber weight on dry concrete outside the next day it rains and the concrete


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1.The cost of renting a car is $46 /wk plus $0.25 /mi traveled during that week. An equation ...

esent the cost would be y=46+0.25x , where x is the number of miles traveled. a. What is your cost if you travel 59 mi? The cost is $ 43.26 . b. If your cost was $66.25 , how many miles were you charged for traveling? You were charged for traveling 66.51 miles. c. Suppose you have a maximum of $100 to spend for the car rental. What would be the maximum number of miles you could travel? The maximum number of miles you could travel is Number
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2.11. In a game, you draw thirteen cards with replacement from a deck of playing cards. If you draw any ...

y aces or twos, you lose the game immediately. You also lose if you draw picture cards(J,Q,K) more than twice. In this question, you’ll study the probability of winning this game.(a) What is the probability of drawing no aces or twos after thirteen draws?(b) Given you have drawn thirteen times, none of which is aces or twos, what is the probability that you draw at most two picture cards?(c) What is the probability to win this game? 12. Suppose you are tossing an unbiased coin for100times.(a) What is the probability of getting50heads and50tails?(b) LetXbe the random variable counting the number of heads you observe in this exper-iment. What is the expected value ofX? What is the variance ofX? What is thestandard deviation ofX? 13. The following are probability distributions for two random variablesX,Y. kPr(X=k) 0,0.4 1,0.3 2,0.3 kPr(Y=k) 0,0.5 1,0.3 2,0.2 (a) Construct the probability distribution table for the random variableXY.(b) Find E[X],E[Y] and E[XY]. Is is true that E[XY] =E[X]E[Y]?(c) Find the variances σ2X,σ2Y,σ2XY of X,Y and XY. Is it true that σ2XY=σ2Xσ2Y? 14. The aliens who are fond of gambling came back to play another game with you. In this game, you first toss a coin5times. If you observe3or fewer tails, you roll a die3times. If youobserve4or more tails, you roll a die20times. What is the probability that you end up with at most two6’s in your dice rolls? 15. (Challenge question, worth2points) You have two bags, each of which contains10marbles.Each time you remove a marble from a random bag. What is the probability that after one of the bags is emptied, there are still exactly3marbles in the other bag?
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3.Suppose you have a patient suffering from anemia and find that her hemoglobin is missing three amino acids from the ...

acids from the primary sequence. How might this affect each of the three higher levels of protein structure, thus causing this condition? 2) Imagine that you are building an artificial eukaryotic cell starting with an artificial bacterial cell. What organelles would you need to add? 3)How can an enzyme recognize and bind one specific substrate in a cell containing thousands of different molecules? How will extremes of temperature and pH affect this specificity?
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4.dehydrated cobalt (ii) chloride Be sure to include subheadings (see bold text below) formulas, and units. Chemical Equation: Write a generic ...

units. Chemical Equation: Write a generic chemical equation for the dehydration of cobalt (II) chloride ∙ x hydrate (include the state symbols of the reactant and two products). [T2] Mass of Reactants and Products: a) Calculate the initial mass of the hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. [T1] b) Calculate the final mass of the anhydrous cobalt (II) chloride remaining in the cruiio8icible. [T1] c) Calculate the mass of water given off by the sample of hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. [T1] Moles of Products: a) Calculate the moles of anhydrous cobalt (II) chloride remaining in the crucible. [T1] b) Calculate the moles of water released from the hydrate. {T1] 4. Mole Ratio a) Create an experimental mole ratio between the b) and a). [T1] 5. Formula of Hydrate: State the chemical formula you have determined for this hydrate. Round the formula to the closest whole number value for x. [T1] Discussion/Conclusion Questions: [T6] Based on the chemical formula of the hydrate, calculate the percentage composition (percent by mass) of the hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. Remember to determine the percentage of each element (Co, Cl, H, and O). [T2] A possible source of systematic error in this experiment is insufficient heating. Suppose that the hydrate was not completely converted to the anhydrous form. Describe how this would affect: the calculated percent by mass of water and the experimental molecular formula (i.e. would x be higher, lower or the same). Suppose a student spilled some of the hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. Describe how this would affect the calculated percent by mass of water (would it be higher, lower or the same) and the experimental chemical formula of the hydrate. [T2]
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5.The unit price of market goods is $1. Each person has 8 hours to work each day. Another couple, Sylvan and ...

van and Alex, have the same productivities: Sylvan is identical to Rajan, while Alex and Esther are identical. Esther and Rajan both engage in market work. Sylvan works full time at home, so only Alex works in the market. a) Given this information, which couple has the higher opportunity cost of home produced goods? Explain how you determined this. You can add a diagram if that helps, but you are not required to include one. b) Can you determine which couple has the higher utility? Explain why or why not. Suppose now that value of market production for both Alex and Esther increased to $12/per hour. c) Explain the change in the household joint production possibility frontier generated by this change. d) Explain what would happen to each couple’s choice of both household and market produced goods, using an analysis by means of income and substitution effects. e) What changes in time allocation for each couple that would be necessary to produce and consume this new bundle? Briefly explain your reasoning.
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6.Suppose you have a rubber 50-kg rubber weight on dry concrete outside. The next day it rains, and the concrete ...

e concrete becomes wet.   Compare the maximum force you can horizontally exert on each surface before the weight moves? (μs Dry surface: μs wet surface)
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7.Sweet Shoes Inc. wants to open a new, small factory. Suppose in China they would pay a $1 000 ...

ee, and pay 10 people $1/day ($10/day). On the other hand, in Canada, there would only be a fee of $50 370, but they would have to pay their 10 people $90/day ($900/day). After how many days would the costs be equal? What would you advise?
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8.Inflation causes things to cost more, and for our money to buy less (hence the sterotype of grandparents saying "In ...

ents saying "In my day, you could buy a cup of coffee for a nickel"). Suppose inflation decreases the value of money by 5% each year. In other words, if you have $1 this year, next year it will only buy you $0.95 worth of stuff. How much will $100 buy you in 25 years?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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