Search the-concentration-of-nacl-in-red-blood-cells-is-approximately-ppm-for-a-nacl-solution-assume-the-solution-completely

The concentration of nacl in red blood cells is approximately ppm for a nacl solution assume the solution completely


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1.4. A 2.3 L cylinder containing nitrogen gas at a pressure of 2.8 atm is connected to a 5.5 L ...

r containing nitrogen at 17.3 atm. What is the final pressure when both the cylinders have achieved equilibrium (reached the same pressure)? 6. An analytical procedure requires a solution of chloride ions. How many grams of BaCl2 must be dissolved to make 360 ml of 0.2 M Cl– ? (M BaCl2 = 208 g/mol) 7. Find the concentration of chloride ions when 344.4 mL of 2.4 M NaCl is mixed with 364 mL of 2.9 M KCl? 8. A sample of an unknown gas had a density of 1.45 g/L at 20.5 °C and 1.2 atm. Calculate the molar mass of the gas. (R = 0.08206 L·atm·mol-1·K-1)
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3.The concentration of NaCl in red blood cells is approximately 593.50 ppm. For a NaCl solution, assume the solution completely ...

e the solution completely dissociates giving a van ’t Hoff factor of 2. Calculate the osmotic pressure of this solution at body temperature (37°C).
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4.hello i have a chemistry trip on friday to titrate sea water with agno3 , but im confused as to ...

i have to use NaCL to find the concentration of the agno3, can you help?
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