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The cost of gym membership c in australian dollars aud in paolo s gym can be modelled by the function c t


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1.Alfonso and Gracie have decided to join a gym! Gracie found a gym that costs $20 to join and ...

s $4 per class. Alfonso found a gym that costs $34 to join but only $2 per class. Solve the system algebraically to determine the number of classes at which the gyms would cost both Gracie and Alfonso the same amount.
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2.The cost of gym membership, C, in Australian dollars (AUD), in Paolo’s Gym can be modelled by the function C = 65t ...

function C = 65t + 30 where t is the time in months. (a) Calculate the gym membership cost over a six month period. (b) Sketch the graph of the function C = 65t + 30 for t ≥ 0. (c) Calculate the time, t, in months, when the total cost reaches 290 AUD. In the neighbouring Nicolo’s Gym, the initial payment is 75 AUD higher than in Paolo’s Gym, however the monthly fee is lower at 30 AUD per month. (d) Determine the number of months it takes for the total cost to be less by attending Nicolo’s Gym in comparison to Paolo’s Gym.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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