Search the-cross-section-of-the-sloping-roof-of-a-house-is-represented-so-that-the-points-representing-the-bottom-of-the

The cross section of the sloping roof of a house is represented so that the points representing the bottom of the


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1.A long straight wire of a circular cross section radius a carrying steady current I .their current I is uniformly ...

is uniformly distributed across thier cross section . calculate the magnetic field in the region ra
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2.I need help.A waterway of a theme park has a semi circular cross section with diameter 11 feet.The boats that ...

oats that are going to be used in found to be submerge 1 feet into the water.If the water way is to be filled with water 4.5 feet deep,what is the maximum width of the boats?
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3.I need to understand, draw and calculate the functions that describe the "Joule Effect" (Joule effect equations). My goal is ...

t equations). My goal is to calculate the increase in temperature of a copper wire of a given cross section and a given length when a given current is run through it. I need not to refer to "tables". I really need to get all the formulas, properly written and explained. Need help immediately.
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4.I need to have the "Joule Effect" equations explained in order to calculate the temperature increase of a copper wire ...

of a copper wire of 1 mm cross section and 5 meters lenght if a current is running through it for a given time.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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