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1.Create a program (using multiple classes) that continuously prompts the user to enter a domain name, validate that domain (described ...

validate that domain (described in the next paragraph), and check it against a list of the registered domains in the DomainAvailabilityTools class (described below) and indicate whether or not it is available to register. If the domain name is not available, the program displays similar domain names (unless the identified TLD is a rTLD (restricted top-level domain) for which no similar domain names will be made available). The program will continue to prompt the user for a domain name until the user hits enter.
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2.The cost of driving a car includes both fixed costs and mileage costs. Assume that insurance and car payments cost ...

payments cost $420 per month and gasoline, oil, and routine maintenance cost $0.52 per mile. a. Find a linear function f that gives the annual cost of driving this car x miles b. What are the domain and range of this function?
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3.You need to create a 3 piece, piecewise defined function that includes a point of discontinuity and a jump discontinuity. ...

a jump discontinuity. You then need to write and find the limit at that point of discontinuity and jump discontinuity. You also have to find the limit at a point on your piecewise defined function that is continuous. Each limit needs to be justified using the graph and the limit notation. Your piecewise defined function needs to have a beginning and end. That means that the domain cannot go to infinity. You will state the domain and the range using interval notation.
View More get a summer job that pays $12.25 per hour where you work between 5 and 30 hours per week ...

ne the domain amd range of this relationship and write a function that represents your weekly salary
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6.Let a = sin b, 0 < b < pi/2. Find, in terms of b, the solutions of sin 2x = ...

So far I just tried to do the obvious and substitute -a for - sin b. Like so; sin 2x = - sin b which then becomes; sin 2x = sin -b and then I can remove the sines and rearrange for x, which gives me this. 2x = -b x = -b/2 However, if I were to look at the domain of b. Any value within the domain will give a value that doesn't fit the domain of x. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!
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7.i have yes or no questions 1.switching the domain and range of a function will produce the domain and ...

and range for its inverse. 2.if a function is graphed you can rotate the graph 90 degrees and you will always get the graph of the inverse 3..making the y cordiantes negative will produce the points on the inverse and my last one isnt a yes or no its a equaion which is useing (f(g(x)) and it says to find the inverse with it and the quations givien are f(x)=3x+4 and g(x)= 1/3x-4/3
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8.A candle 6 inches high burns at a rate of 1 in every 2 hours for 5 hours. Write a function ...

els the given situation. Draw a graph and name the domain and range.
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