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The equation of a helix is x sin t y cos t z t a find the arc length s


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1. An endpoint of the minor axis is at (– 1, – 10), a vertex is at (– 14, 2), ...

t (4, 2). Find the equation of the ellipse in standard form.
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2.Solution gas drive oil reservoirs experience greater recovery efficiency than undersaturated reservoirs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of ...

irs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of this behavior. Consider the expansion of methane from 300 bars to 50 bars at a constant temperature of 40 C (313 K). Methane obeys the following equation of state V =(RT/P)+C+(D/T) where C = 31 cm3/mol, D = -693cm3K/mole, and R = 83.14bar cm3/mole K. Note that the units of energy are bar-cm3/mole in this problem. Report your answer in bar-cm3/mole (a) What is the change in enthalpy during the expansion (b) What is the change in internal energy? (c) What is the heat removed? (d) How much work does the system do during the expansion?
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5.The owner of a small clothing company wants to create a mathematical model for the company's daily profit, p, in ...

rofit, p, in dollars, based on the selling price, d, in dollars, of the dresses made. The owner has noticed that the maximum daily profit the company has made is $1600. This occurred when the dresses were sold for $75 each. The owner also noticed that selling the dresses for $50 resulted in a profit of $1225. Using a quadratic relation to model this problem, create an equation for the company's daily profit.
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6.A bridge is going to be constructed over a river. The underside of the bridge will form a parabolic arch, ...

arch, as shown in the picture. The river is 18 m wide and the arch will be anchored on the ground, 3m back from the riverbank on both sides. The maximum height of the arch must be between 22m and 26m above the surface of the river. Create an equation to represent an arch that could meet these conditions
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7.The cost of renting a car is $46 /wk plus $0.25 /mi traveled during that week. An equation ...

esent the cost would be y=46+0.25x , where x is the number of miles traveled. a. What is your cost if you travel 59 mi? The cost is $ 43.26 . b. If your cost was $66.25 , how many miles were you charged for traveling? You were charged for traveling 66.51 miles. c. Suppose you have a maximum of $100 to spend for the car rental. What would be the maximum number of miles you could travel? The maximum number of miles you could travel is Number
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8.I don't know how to do this question Write an equation for each of the following functions with the given characteristics ...

given characteristics then describe the functions as a transformation of the basic trigonometric type. amptitude=5 period=120 deg equation of axsis= y=2 phase shift 30 left type sine
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