Search the-height-of-a-firework-launched-straight-up-from-the-ground-is-given-by-the-equation-h-t-t-t-where-t-is

The height of a firework launched straight up from the ground is given by the equation h t t t where t is


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1.A bridge is going to be constructed over a river. The underside of the bridge will form a parabolic arch, ...

arch, as shown in the picture. The river is 18 m wide and the arch will be anchored on the ground, 3m back from the riverbank on both sides. The maximum height of the arch must be between 22m and 26m above the surface of the river. Create an equation to represent an arch that could meet these conditions
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2.The man in the figure at left has a mass of 50 kg, and launches horizontally from a trapeze at ...

m/s. After landing on the trampoline, which has a “spring” constant of 17 kN/m, the trampoline deflects downward 0.7 m, and the man bounces up and to the left. a) How much farther to the left does he travel after bouncing off the trampoline? b) What is the maximum height he will reach after the bounce? c) What will his velocity be upon landing?
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3.1) A 2m tall man is admiring a bird that is sitting on top of a tree. He stands 14m ...

rd seeds 10m behind the man on the ground (a) Explain why triangle LMN is similar to triangle OPN (b) calculate the length of LM, which represents the height of the tree.
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4.I have a prism with total surface area of 384 cm² , given the height of prism is 6 cm ...

of prism is 10 cm , can you help me to find the wide of prism
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5.The question is "A dog is looking at the top of a steeple that is sitting on top of a ...

ight of the church, not including the steeple is 20 feet. The line of sight between the dog and the top of the steeple is 29 feet. What is the height of the steeple? Round your answer to the nearest tenth
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6. The drawing shows a skateboarder moving at 5.4 m/s along a horizontal section of a track that is slanted upward ...

slanted upward by 48 degrees above the horizontal at its end, which is 0.40 m above the ground. When she leaves the track, she follows the characteristic path of projectile motion. Ignoring friction and air resistance, find the maximum height H to which she rises above the end of the track.
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7.A skier starts from rest at the top of a hill. The skier coasts down the hill and up a ...

as the drawing illustrates. The crest of the second hill is circular, with a radius of 28.6m. Neglect friction and air resistance. What must be the height of the first hill so that the skier just loses contact with the snow at the crest of the second hill?
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8.A survey of 47 people was conducted to compare their self-reported height to their actual height. The difference between reported ...

e difference between reported height and actual height was calculated. You're testing the claim that the mean difference is greater than 0.6. From the sample, the mean difference was 0.7, with a standard deviation of 0.74. Calculate the test statistic, rounded to two decimal places Incorrect
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