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The manufacturer of a product had fixed costs of per year the variable costs are of selling price


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1.A bolt manufacturer is very concerned about the consistency of the diameters of bolts produced by his machines and believes ...

s machines and believes that the bolts produced by machine "A" have a different variance in diameter than the variance in diameter from machine "B". A sample of 18 bolts from machine "A" has the sample variance of 0.025. A sample of 21 bolts from machine "B" has the sample variance of 0.0219. Construct the 95% confidence interval for the ratio of the population variances. Round your answers to four decimal places.
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2.A Spanish manufacturer has produced a new range of expensive leather briefcases. A Swiss retailer is considering placing an order ...

considering placing an order for 300 of each design. The Sales Manager and Chief Buyer negotiate the contract. Student A. You are the Sales Manager for the Spanish briefcase manufacturer. You want the retailer to agree the following: Delivery time: Four weeks after receiving order Place of delivery: The retailer's main warehouses in Zurich and Geneva Price: Top-of-the range briefcase: €550 Medium-priced briefcase: €320 Colours: Black and brown Payment: By bank transfer when goods have been dispatched Discount: 4% for orders over 100 Returns: Medium-priced briefcases (easier to resell) Student B You are the Chief Buyer for the Swiss retailer. You want the manufacturer to agree to the following: Delivery time: Two weeks after receiving order Place of delivery: Individual retail outlets (16 around the country) Price: Top-of-the-range briefcase: €500 Medium-priced briefcase: €270 Colours: Black, brown, maroon, pink Payment: Two months after delivery Discount: 10% for orders over 200 Returns: All unsold briefcases returnable up to one year after order
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4.A manufacturer of bicycles builds​ 1-, 3- and​ 10-speed models. The bicycles are made of both aluminum and steel. The ...

uminum and steel. The company has available 38 comma 160 units of steel and 48 comma 380 units of aluminum. The​ 1-, 3-, and​ 10-speed models​ need, respectively, 8​, 12 and 16 units of steel and 15​, 10​, and 20 units of aluminum. The company makes ​$4 per​ 1-speed bike, ​$6 per​ 3-speed, and ​$16 per​ 10-speed. Use the simplex method to complete parts​ (a) and​ (b). ​(a) How many of each type of bicycle should be made in order to maximize​ profit? What is the maximum​ profit? Set up the linear programming problem. Let x 1​, x 2​, and x 3 represent the numbers of​ 1-, 3-, and​ 10-speed bicycles,​ respectively, and let z be the total profit. ▼ Minimize Maximize zequals nothing subject to 8 x 1 plus 12 x 2 plus 16 x 3 ▼ greater than less than or equals greater than or equals less than nothing 15 x 1 plus 10 x 2 plus 20 x 3 ▼ greater than less than or equals less than greater than or equals nothing x 1greater than or equals​0, x 2greater than or equals​0, x 3greater than or equals0. ​(Do not factor. Do not include the​ $ symbol in your​ answers.) Set up the initial simplex tableau and use the Simplex Method to solve. The maximum profit is ​$ nothing. To get that​ profit, the company should make nothing ​1-speed bicycle(s), nothing ​3-speed bicycle(s), and nothing ​10-speed bicycle(s). ​(Type whole​ numbers.) ​(b) Explain what the values of the slack variables in the optimal solution mean in the context of the problem. Select the correct choice below​ and, if​ necessary, fill in the answer​ box(es) to complete your choice. A. When the profit is​ maximized, all of the steel is used but nothing units of aluminum remain unused. ​(Type a whole​ number.) B. When the profit is​ maximized, some of each material remains unused.​ Specifically, nothing units of aluminum and nothing units of steel remain unused. ​(Type whole​ numbers.) C. When the profit is​ maximized, all of the available aluminum and steel is used. D. When the profit is​ maximized, all of the aluminum is used but nothing units of steel remain unused. ​(Type a whole​ number.)
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