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The population of town a is and town b is town b is what percentage larger than town


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2.I have a seemingly simple question, but I can't figure it out. I have a set of results for towns ...

sing a health screening, represented by the number of residents passing the health screening / total population of residents in the town. I'd like to rank or represent the results by the relative population of the town. For example, I'd like to emphasize a high population town that passed at 50% vs. a small population town (sample size 4 residents) that had 25%.
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3.1) Employees in 2012 paid 4.2% of their gross wages towards social security (FICA tax), while employers paid another 6.2%. ...

ers paid another 6.2%. How much will someone earning $34,000 a year pay towards social security out of their gross wages? 2) The population of a town increased from 3350 in 2005 to 4800 in 2010. Find the absolute and relative (percent) increase. 3)A company's sales in Seattle were $400,000 in 2012, while their sales in Portland were $295,000 for the same year. Complete the following statements: a. Seattle's sales were % larger than Portland's. b. Portland sales were % smaller than Seattle's. c. Portland sales were % of Seattle's. 4) A store has clearance items that have been marked down by 55%. They are having a sale, advertising an additional 30% off clearance items. What percent of the original price do you end up paying? 5) A friend has a 83% average before the final exam for a course. That score includes everything but the final, which counts for 15% of the course grade. What is the best course grade your friend can earn? % What is the minimum score your friend would need on the final to earn a 75% for the course? % Give answers accurate to at least one decimal place. 6) A car is driving at 50 kilometers per hour. How far, in meters, does it travel in 3 seconds? meters Give your answer to the nearest meter.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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