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The sequence of a dna strand is acctggat what will be the sequence of its rna transcript


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1.1. Your 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)benzofuran was enriched in one enantiomer. Assuming that ...

generally cannot be made to produce either enantiomer as desired, use your knowledge of organic reactions to design a reaction sequence to convert your sample to the other enantiomer. Show reaction(s) and appropriate reagents. 2. Consider applying biocatalytic reduction with carrots to the following two ketones: tert-butyl methyl ketone, and 3-hexanone. Which would you expect to give higher enantioselectivity in biocatalytic reduction? Explain your answer.
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2.A lock can be opened by inputting the correct sequence of four digits in the correct order, regardless of the ...

ss of the previous inputs. If the lock has buttons representing the digits 0-9 then there are 10000 possible combinations from 0000-9999. In class, we indicated that no less than 10003 digits must be pressed to test every possible four digit sequence. Is there a sequence of length 10003 that tests all possible combinations. If so, this sequence must be given to me in your write up as well as an explanation on how you came up with this sequence. If there is no sequence of length 10003 that tests all possible combinations, can you come up a sequence with less than the maximum number (40000) which tests all possibilities? How did you come up with this sequence?
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6.In Activity 1.4, we saw that when there are 4 players there will be 6 matches and when there are ...

layers, there will be 10 matches. Note also that when there are two players, there will be only 1 match and when there are 3 players, there will be 3 matches. This same principle may be applied to a room full of people shaking hands with one another. If there are 2 people, there will be 1 handshake, 3 people, 3 handshakes, and so on. If I were to tell you that if there are 6 people, there will be 15 handshakes, set up a sequence with the number of handshakes for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 people in the room. (2 marks) Examine the sequence above and determine how many handshakes will take place if there are 7, 8,or 9 people in the room and each person shakes hands with every other person. (3 marks)
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7.1.Under the microscope, she can see that DNA in one cell has been replicated, and it appears to be starting ...

tarting the process of meiosis. Draw the chromosomes, depicting them inside the cell, as you would expect them to appear during Metaphase I. (Note: there is more than one correct answer for this prompt. You only need to draw one of the answers.) 2.How many copies of gene A are present in this parent cell during Metaphase I? 3.How many total chromosomes would you have after DNA replication (synthesis)? 4.While examining a specific tissue in this organism, Bridget noticed some cells with more than one nucleus (this is commonly found in many species, including humans!). What could have happened during the process of cell division to yield these multinucleate cells? 5.In one of her harebrained experiments, Dr. Milam remembers treating some cells from one of her organisms with a drug that resulted in the cell being unable to replace RNA primers with DNA. Which protein in the cells was most likely affected by this drug treatment? 6.In another one of her experiments, Dr. Milam treated cells with a different drug that caused an adenosine in gene A to be paired with a cytosine instead of a thymine during DNA replication. However, Dr. Milam remembers that the amino acid sequence of the protein product of gene A wasn’t actually changed. How could you explain this observation?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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