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1.the girl on the sled, weighing 50 lb, leaves point A from rest and goes down a 2% icy slope ...

no friction). She collides with her friend, weighing 60 lb, at point B, 140 feet down the slope. After colliding, they travel together down the slope on the sled. The slope is maintained, but the ice is a little rougher, with a coefficient of friction of μk = 0.20. a) How fast will they be moving immediately after they collide? b) Will they come to a stop after the collision? If so, how far will they travel until they do? If not, what will their acceleration be?
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5.I have a question about putting together a y=mx+b equation. I am given the slope of 6, and it says ...

he line passes through the point of (-1, 5). How do I find the y-intercept?
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6.Write an equation in slope-intercept form (y=mx+b) of the line with slope of 3/4 and y-intercept of -2. Pick one. y=1\frac{1}{4}y=1 ...

-2. Pick one. y=1\frac{1}{4}y=1 4 1 ​ y=-2x+\frac{3}{4}y=−2x+ 4 3 ​ y=\frac{3}{4}x-2y= 4 3 ​ x−2 y-\frac{3}{4}=-2\left(x+2\right)y− 4 3 ​ =−2(x+2)
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8.A household's expenditure on consumer goods depends on the household's income, I in the following way: When income is ...

y: When income is $1000, the expenditure on consumer goods is $800. Whenever income increases by 100, the expenditure on consumer goods increases by 80. (a) find the slope of the consumption function (b) find the equation of the consumption function (c) find the consumption when income is $7000 Question 8 options: i) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 80 (c) 5680 ii) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 880 (c) 5660 iii) (a) m = -4/5 (b) c(I) = -(4/5) I + 800 (c) 600 iv) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 7000 (c) 7600 v) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 0 (c) 5600
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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