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The tank for a car holds gallons the gasoline gauge shows the tank is full


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1.Scenario: A chair with a mass of 20.0 kg is attached to one end of a frictionless pulley system via a ...

a strong massless rope. The other end of the rope is attached to a steel water tank sitting on a flat horizontal concrete surface (see the image to the right). The coefficient of static friction between steel and concrete is 0.45 and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the surfaces is 0.30. The water tank, which is full of water, has sprung a leak. The combined mass of the water and the tank is 500 kg. This mass slowly decreases as the water leaks from the hole. You (i.e. your entire mass) are sitting at rest in the seat. You and the seat will remain at rest as long as the force of static friction is strong enough to hold you. Task: LET [DOWN] and [RIGHT] be positive. Using your knowledge of physics, determine the following: Draw the FBD of the system of you and the chair while at rest. Using the LET statement above, write out the net force equation. [2] Draw the FBD of the system of the water tank at rest on the flat horizontal surface. Using the LET statement above, write out the net force equations for both the vertical and horizontal planes. [3] Using the net force equations, determine the minimum mass of water that must be lost (i.e. leaked out) from the water tank in order for you and the seat to begin falling? [4] As soon as the chair begins to move, static friction between the steel tank and concrete surface becomes kinetic friction. Determine the magnitude of the kinetic friction. [3] Using Newton’s 2nd law, determine the acceleration of the system at the instant that the static friction becomes kinetic friction. [6]
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2.The tank for a car holds 14 gallons. The gasoline gauge shows the tank is 1/3 full. ...

s is still in the tank? Give your answer as a whole number or as a mixed fraction reduced to lowest terms
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3.The oil for both tanks cost $910.23 not including propane. It was a total of 367 gallons. Both tanks ...

s hold 275 gallons. The tank for the main house was a quarter filled and the in law suite was filled halfway. The price is $2.48 a gallon. I need to deduct 25% of the price paid for the in-law tank only. The oil company does not have the gallons for each tank they used.
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4.I need help figuring out this problem, I'm really confused about it. 1) Chester Elementary School is having a carnival to ...

is having a carnival to raise money for new computers and you have been volentured to construct the cylinder dunk tank. The tank must be 6 feet across and 7 feet high. If the dunk tank will be constructed of high strength plastic sheets, how much plastic sheeting will you need for the sides and bottom of the tank?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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