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The zeros of a quartic function are and multiplicity determine equations for three functions that satisfy this condition


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3.nhouse: A = -0.75l²+ 150l. Find the zeros of this relation. Interpret the meaning of the zeros in the context of ...

the context of this question. What length results in the greatest possible area? What is this area?
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4.Find all rational zeros of the polynomial. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) P(x) = x4 + 2x3 − 27x2 ...

4 + 2x3 − 27x2 − 40x x = Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. Determine any irrational zeros. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If there are no irrational zeros, enter NONE.) x = Factor the polynomial completely.
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5.A quadratic relation has an equation of the form y = a(x - r) * (x - s) . The ...

has zeros at (2, 0) and (- 6, 0) and passes through the point (3, 5) . Determine the value of a.
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