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There is one c programming question and two verilog question c programming is for loops and verilog is syntax and


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1.Hi! I have an upcoming college exam and I need to pass! Please help me with this question to understand ...

and how to solve: “A history lecture hall class has 15 students. There is a 15% absentee rate per class meeting. Find the probability that exactly one student will be absent from class.” I already know that: n = 15 p = 15% q = 1 - 15 = 1 - 0.15 = 0.85 ...and then you do: p (x = 1) = C 15 & 1 and then... (0.15)^1 (0.85)^14 Please help me understand the rest. Thank you!
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2.Hi, I have one question on my math homework that I can't seem to figure out. Please help me! Here ...

is Imagine that in the voting for a certain​ award, 7 points are awarded for first​ place, 4 points for​ second, 3 points for​ third, 2 points for​ fourth, and 1 point for fifth. Suppose there were five candidates​ (A, B,​ C, D, and​ E) and 47 voters. When the points were​ tallied, A had 155 ​points, B had 173 ​points, C had 170 ​points, and D had 154 points. Find how many points E had and give the ranking of the candidates.​ (Hint: Each of the 47 ballots hands out a fixed number of points. Figure out how​ many, and take it from​ there.)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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