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1.This first part of the Individual Research Project is an Outline and Annotated Bibliography. The Outline should provide a very brief ...

tline should provide a very brief overview of what you think you will do in the Policy Brief. The Annotated Bibliography requires you to summarize at least three peer-reviewed scholarly sources you will cite in the Policy Brief. This assignment is designed to get you thinking about your topic in a way that clearly anticipates the writing you will do for the Policy Brief. We want you to brainstorm and do a bit of research well in advance of the deadline for the Policy Brief and, most importantly, we want you to put your ideas down on paper so that we can give you feedback before writing the actual Policy Brief. In other words, we are asking you to submit an Outline and Annotated Bibliography so that we can help you write the best Policy Brief possible. Your Outline should be divided into the following five sections and should be written in complete sentences: I. Audience: Identify the audience you are addressing and consider what that audience is interested in. Who are you talking to in the Policy Brief and what does this suggest about the approach you should take? (75-100 words). II. Problem: State how you know the issue exists. What is the proof that students need to improve this skill? (125-150 words). III. Importance of Problem: Indicate why this problem matters. What are the consequences of the problem not being addressed? Why do students need to improve this skill? (100 words) IV. Solution: Identify your preferred solution. What solution will work in your context and why? (75-100 words) V. Alternative Solution: Identify at least one other possible solution. What other solutions did you consider? (75-100 words) The total length of the Outline should be between 450 and 550 words. When you submit your Outline, you must also include an Annotated Bibliography. An Annotated Bibliography is an alphabetical list of research sources that provides bibliographical data (the title, author, date, publisher, etc.) and a short summary or annotation of the source. Your Annotated Bibliography should contain a minimum of three scholarly or peer-reviewed sources, each with an accompanying annotation that is between 150 and 250 words long. The annotations must summarize the research question or thesis, research methodology, results, and conclusion. Annotations must include summaries and paraphrased information, NOT quotations. A good annotation will include two separate paragraphs: 1) a paragraph summarizing the research question or thesis, research methodology, results and conclusion; and 2) a paragraph commenting on why this source is relevant for your research.
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2.ssay 1: Person I Admire Purpose This essay assignment is the culmination of all your previous work in this module. You have ...

in this module. You have already engaged in the beginnings of the writing process of this essay. You have: Brainstormed ideas (see Chapter 11 in SMG) about the essay in the Discussion Board. Condensed your ideas down into manageable points around a working thesis. Displayed knowledge of Description essays from Learning Activities Drafted a Writing Activity (WA2) about this Description essay. Consulted with a writing tutor to find areas of strength and areas of improvement. Finally, you will now compose the final draft of a description essay that: contains a clear thesis identifies clear points to support your thesis engages in critical thought about the subject chosen uses 2-4 main ideas (points) that support your overall essay thesis allows you to expand on your chosen topic This essay assignment represents the first steps in writing any written essay for any academic course. The idea of thesis and support are the cornerstones of all essays. They represent the last part of the writing process. However, you may still revise your essay before final submission. This form of essay writing is the basis for all other academic writing pursuits. This skill translates to almost all careers that require critical thinking, critical reading, and responding in writing. Practicing "how to" write an essay carries over into any field's task of "what" you need to write. This skill will help with all formal writing. Task Write a 900-word essay, in MLA format, about a person or fictional character in whom you have an interest. Select a subject (person or fictional character you admire) Look to your Discussion (D1) and Writing Activity 2 (WA2) for your subject The person may be current or historical Some fictional characters have positive traits that can be identified. Select several (2-4) traits about the person or character that you admire and write about these. These will be the essay's main ideas. Biographical information should be used only to support claims. Your essay should focus on the traits you admire. Do not write a biography or tell a story. Example of what not to do: This person was born in 1979. They were born in middle Tennessee. They went to elementary school is 1985. They graduated in 1998. Instead, follow this example: This person was born in middle Tennessee. Entering elementary in school in 1985 was hard for them. They never felt that they belonged in kindergarten. However, they persevered, learning that school was a place for them to grow and be themselves. Focus on the "why" you admire them instead of a list of traits. In the above example, perseverance and learning to be themselves are the traits the writer of the essay admires. Organize your main ideas to establish the essay's pattern of organization. Your main ideas (traits you have chosen) need to be clearly organized. Decide in what order you wish to discuss these main ideas (traits) This organization needs to be presented in your introduction, preferably as the last sentence of your introduction in the thesis statement. Note: your thesis is generally the last sentence in your introduction, but it not a requirement. Follow this structure throughout the rest of the essay. Always check to see if your main ideas/topic sentences, in each paragraph, relate back to your thesis statement. Compose 5 well-developed paragraphs that support a clear thesis statement that is arguable. 5 paragraph minimum introduction paragraph introduces your essay and presents your thesis three body paragraphs Each paragraph contains one of your chosen admirable traits about your subject expressed in a topic sentence in your paragraph Each trait needs to transition to the next one in the next paragraph look to your chosen pattern of development conclusion paragraph rephrases your traits into one last paragraph reflects the earlier thesis, but with the knowledge of your traits expressed throughout the essay This essay is a basic form of an argument essay. The essay should make an argument such as that the person or character selected is worthy of admiration because of the traits selected. Criteria for Success A successful essay: Meets basic requirements of the assignment Has been written by the student submitting the essay, for this class, and for this semester, Does not contain plagiarism of any kind Academic dishonesty is an offense of the NSCC Student Code of Conduct, punishable by a failing grade or zero Has a clear thesis, main ideas, and pattern of organization Has been carefully edited and proofread to minimize grammatical and other editing errors These can be remedied by editing and with Writing Tutor visits and peer reviewing Follows MLA style and guidelines (spacing, indent, margins, etc. ) The essay will be graded with the Grading Rubric for Essays. Please familiarize yourself with this rubric before you submit your essay. Here is the condensed version of the rubric:
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3.Team Dynamics and Leadership Requirements: Evaluation of Team DynamicsObjectives:•To understand the dynamics of culture and people in teams.•To develop intercultural ...

e dynamics of culture and people in teams.•To develop intercultural communication skills to communicate, solve problems, make decisions, and resolve conflict within teams.Methodology:Discuss the process of integrating a new product or service into the culture of FTIC. Since this assignment is about the team at FTIC and not your dynamics as a team, the narrative for this deliverable must be written in third person (objective style). At least three sources must be used in each section and this document should be a maximum of 2,000 words.Organizational Culture: How would you describe the current organizational culture at FTIC? How would the product or service your team has researched support the current organizational culture at FTIC? How would you suggest FTIC structure the team responsible for this new product rollout? What leadership characteristics will be necessary within the team responsible for the rollout? Why did you pick these characteristics? This should build upon your work in D3.VABES: What are the VABES of FTIC? How does your product align with the VABES of FTIC? Are there ways your product might not align with the VABES of FTIC?Organizational Structure: What is the organizational structure of FTIC? Where would your product fit into the organizational structure of FTIC? What steps will FTIC need to take to fully integrate your product into their current organizational structure? If you do not think it will fit into the organizational structure, explain why. Grading: For this section of the deliverable, you will be graded using the AACSB standards for written work rubrics located in the Z371 syllabus. This assignment is worth 25 points.
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4.This assignment will be an essay. All support and guidance is on page 2 of the document. there are 3 ...

tasks that will be merged together as one essay with subheadings etc. Detail is needed for all of them. Citations will need to be made too. The assignment brief is attached. P task is the easier bit, M is slightly harder, D is to achieve top grade.
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5."Breanna, you need to re-think and re-write this essay. Go back and review the assignment sheet as well as the ...

ell as the grading rubric. From there, you need to create an outline to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. You have your themes and elements, but you don't have a clear thesis - how do those elements reveal the themes to you as the reader {think of the reader-response literary criticism}. Outlining will also prevent you from repeating yourself and re-telling the stories. " That was the feedback that I was given for my paper. If I am being honest, I have no clue how to proceed with it.
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6.Criteria for evaluation can change depending on the times, circumstance, and most importantly, with audience. This assignment will focus ...

audience. This assignment will focus on how criteria can change and how you need to tailor your essay to these changing audiences. In good times, people may want homes with soaring entryways, lots of space and premium appliances. In tougher times, they may care more about efficient use of space, quality insulation, and energy efficient appliances. When gas prices are low, people love to buy SUVs and trucks, but when gas prices get higher, they prefer hybrid cars with good fuel efficiency. Think of two scenarios, much like the ones above, where different audiences or different times create different criteria for evaluation. For example, what impact might global warming have on the way we determine desirable places to live or vacation? How might a changing economy change the way we view successful careers? If people across the globe continue to put on weight, how might standards of beauty change? Si i have this assignment for English I just don't understand it here is the assignment: Explore two scenarios in which change might revise customary values and standards for evaluation. Each scenario should be a paragraph of at least 100 words in length.
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7.Purpose of Experiment: To explore how to find the density of metals by the displacement method. Deliverables: Data Sheet containing recorded observations ...

eliverables: Data Sheet containing recorded observations and calculations Screenshot of completed lab Instructions: For this lab assignment, you will need to read the instructions for the Metals Density Problem on the ChemCollective website. After you complete this reading, return to this assignment to read step-by-step instructions about how to actually complete the lab on the ChemCollective page. Go to lab page: Click on "Metals Density Problems" to read through additional instructions.
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8.I need help getting started with my C++ assignment. This is the prompt of the assignment and guidelines must follow. ...

delines must follow. The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice using structs, using strings, writing functions and sorting. You will read a student file into an array of structs, determine grades, sort the array and print it out. Program Steps and Requirements Use the Student struct shown below. Read the input file (partially shown below) and store the data in an array of structs. The input file contains 55 student records and one heading line. Write code to determine the grade for each student. The grade determination is exactly as specified for this class in the syllabus. Remember to discard the lowest assignment grade. Sort the array of student students in descending order by the total points. Write the output file using the exact format shown below and include the two lines of headings in the output. Required Student struct and named constants const unsigned NumberOfStudents = 55; const unsigned PointsPossible = 400; const unsigned NumberOfAssignments = 10; const unsigned NumberOfExercises = 10; struct Student { int id; string name; int exercise[NumberOfExercises]; int assignment[NumberOfAssignments]; int midterm; int final; int codelab; int exerciseTotal; int assignmentTotal; int totalPoints; int percent; string grade; }; Input file -StudId- -------Name-------- -----Exercises----- ---------Assignments--------- Mi Fin CL 12345678 Smartiepants, Sam 5 4 5 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 20 19 20 20 20 20 19 20 20 19 65 98 9 18519268 Mendoza, Victor 4 2 5 4 1 4 5 5 5 4 17 12 17 18 14 17 19 18 14 18 59 49 6 23276929 Chien, Shengfeng 2 3 0 4 4 5 2 5 5 2 9 18 15 8 19 18 18 16 19 13 64 89 8 18242679 Dhaliwal, Shawn 5 5 3 4 5 4 2 4 4 5 9 18 17 15 18 19 12 15 18 14 45 92 9 09869966 Miraftab, Mina 5 3 5 5 3 5 4 0 4 3 17 4 3 18 12 16 14 17 17 12 52 68 7 10930997 Dimas, Abraham 5 3 4 5 4 3 4 3 3 3 12 18 20 11 14 7 15 10 18 15 64 89 6 11545560 Masongsong, Mikhael 1 3 5 4 3 4 5 3 5 5 19 19 9 13 17 20 20 14 14 19 64 96 8 10626377 Zigler, Joshua 4 3 4 3 2 5 4 4 4 5 17 14 18 20 17 18 12 19 14 14 51 90 5 ... Output report file Stud Id Name Ex Ass Mi Fin CL Tot Pct Gr -------- ------------------- -- --- -- --- -- --- --- -- 12345678 Smartiepants, Sam 48 178 65 98 9 398 100 A+ 11545560 Masongsong, Mikhael 38 155 64 96 8 361 90 A- 20767544 Martins, Gustavo 40 144 67 97 10 358 90 A- 23305464 Zumwalt, Jacob 37 160 62 90 8 357 89 B+ 23579439 Feirstein, Berent 42 159 55 91 9 356 89 B+ 14965959 Ho, Brandon 40 157 66 84 8 355 89 B+ 19988142 Wang, Lu 31 157 58 98 9 353 88 B+ 09559062 Mora, Gabriel 36 137 67 100 7 347 87 B 19108176 Bailey, Tanequa 44 152 56 85 8 345 86 B Suggested main function int main() { Student students[NumberOfStudents]; getStudentDataFromFile(students, InputFilename); determineGrades(students); sort(students); printStudentDataToFile(students,OutputFilename); }
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics