Search this-equation-shows-how-the-amount-kevin-earns-from-yard-work-depends-on-the-number-of-hours-he-works-d

This equation shows how the amount kevin earns from yard work depends on the number of hours he works d


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1.This equation shows how the amount Kevin earns from yard work depends on the number of hours he works. d = ...

s. d = 14h The variable h represents the number of hours spent doing yard work, and the variable d represents the amount of money earned. How many hours in all will it take Kevin to earn $14?
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2.I am trying to figure out the optimal radius that will give the lowest surface area of a cylinder. I ...

have done the calculus which reveals that the surface area is at a minimum when height is double the radius. I am now trying to find an equation for the relationship between the amount of wasted surface area as a percentage of the minimum surface area and the ratio between height and radius. If I were to plot it on a graph, the y axis would be the percentage of excess materials needed as a percentage of the minimum possible surface area, and the x axis would be height divided by radius. Since the surface area is minimized when height=2(radius), I know that when x=2, y=0. The website explains what I am trying to do quite well and shows the graph below. I am trying to find the equation for this graph, but am unsure how to go about it.
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3.A class needs a total of $500 for a field trip. They already have $285. They are selling jars of peanuts to ...

eanuts to make the rest of the money for the field trip. They make $6 for each jar they sell. The diagram shows how the parts of this problem are related. Which equation can be used to find n, the number of jars they need to sell? Math item stem image
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4.I'm stuck on this problem regarding finding the speed of a cart moving down and then up a slope from ...

rest. The current unit that our teacher has us on so far is centripetal motion, and I can't recall being taught how to solve this. File attached below shows my work so far, I don't necessarily need the work done for me, but I just want to be put on the right track, such as an equation to start with or what I need to look for. The answer I got was clearly incorrect for part a (which is what I need help with), so please help me get going in the right direction.
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