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This is about math proof please use formal proofs


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1.I would like help with this math question: A store decides to put summer clothes on sale due to change of ...

nge of season. If a 25% discount is applied to the clothes, the store is going to lose $25 per item. If a 10% discount is applied, the store is still going to gain $20 per item. Determine the original tag price of the item. Tax is not involved in this question. (Hint: How would you express the price of an item after 25% discount if the original price is ? What about after 10% discount? What is the connection between the two discounted prices?)
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2.Hi! I plan on taking the SAT Math 2 subject test within this school year. I'd like to know more ...

t the test's coverage, and prepare for the test with an experienced SAT tutor. My goal is to score 800 and am eager to get started with tutorials!
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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