Search this-is-another-assignment-in-zip-file-creating-a-presentation-i-have-attached-the-file

This is another assignment in zip file creating a presentation i have attached the file


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1.To whom it may concern, Attached with this assignment is my assignment question and marking rubric which is apart of one ...

c which is apart of one document and another document has the assignment I completed for this assignment. If a mark of 50% or more could be given for this assignment that would be great please and if you can't do that please don't mark this assignment. Thanks Ken Bushby
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2.To whom it may concern, If you could mark this assessment task which is a research paper out of 100% please ...

00% please and give it a grade of more then 50% and if you can't do that please don't mark my assignment. Attached with this message is my assignment that I completed on microsoft word and another document attached with this message which has the marking rubric on this research paper. This webpage has a little bit of information about the assignment's question on it and this webpage is This lesson is for 5 minutes as well please. Thanks Ken Bushby
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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