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1.I was told to do an investigation for my school where I found that the cost and energy used of ...

ances can vary between brands. I am given a follow-up question to answer which I am stuck on. The question is , " What are the implications of your findings for social or economic issues in Ontario?" Could you hello me answer this question?
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2.I am struggling to find three points that flow together for Social Media Marketing. My first point is the 6 ...

s the 6 pillars of a social media marketing plan that are needed to achieve the company's goals; set social media marketing goals, research audience, analyze competition, establish important metrics, asses results and optimize. I am going to go into detail about each pillar for this paragraph. My second point is "Once the marketing plan is set in place, business uses social media to facilitate consumers through the purchase process." I am going to talk about the stages of the purchasing process. My first two points flow together in my opinion. I am not sure what my third point will be. I want to talk about how the business uses social media to reach out to consumers and inform them about their product. The business also uses social media platforms to interact with social influencers who can promote their products on their social media. My idea of the third point does not really flow well with my first two points. Can you help me with a third point that does flow together with my first two? I am sorry if this is a bit confusing. Time is really against me on this one.
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3.4This week, you'll apply your knowledge of data collections for sentiment analysis, a common technique applied to movie, product, and ...

ue applied to movie, product, and business reviews, as well as social media posts. For this assignment, you'll determine whether teacher reviews are positive or negative, using real reviews from Rate my Professor. Modify this (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. program to evaluate whether a particular review is positive, negative, or neutral. You can use these collections of positivePreview the document and negativePreview the document words (in files folder of Canvas). Note the files contain non-ascii characters that you'll need to accommodate like so: negWords = open('negative-words.txt','r', encoding='utf-8', errors='ignore').read().splitlines()[35:] Your modified program should: exclude 'stop' words from your word counts, using the the below list; a, an, and, as, at, be, but, etc, for, in, it, its, is, of, or, so, such, the, this, to, with print the remaining top 25 words, along with their frequency, print the top 5 positive and top 5 negative words, along with their frequency, calculate and display a sentiment score for the teacher, where the score is incremented (+1) for each positive word in the review and decremented (-1) for each negative word Hint - Use this set of real-life teacher reviews
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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