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To get a discount at the diner you must either be less than years old or at least


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1.the Michael family wish to purchase a spa pool and install this on the page SEO of their house they ...

have decided on the pool in the picture above the pool costs 6999 plus 219 for delivery it will cost 320 plus GST 15% to get an electrician to install a special plug for the pool the pool cover costs 479 however Mr Michael has negotiated a 20% discount the family have been given approval for a loan of up to 6999 Loan the bank to pay for the pool the lawn has an interest rate of 5.45% the loan & interests need to be repaid by the end of 12 months the family have saved 1000 to cover the cost of delivery installation and the cover they can spare one-tenth of their weekly income to repay the loan.can the Michael family afford to buy the spa pool you must show all working and state what you are calculating at each step
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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