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2.3) Suppose that a piece of equipment produces steel pipes and malfunctions 5% of the time, if the next 4 ...

xt 4 tests are performed, find P(x=0), P(x=1), P(x=2),P(x=3) and P(x=4). SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT) 4) Use the confidence interval (99%) to solve the following question. A company is trying to establish the number of average amount of funds that are owed by its employees. They collect 1,000 accounts and found the sample average owed is $250 with a standard deviation of 10. Calculate the confidence interval (MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT) 5) Use the t distribution formula and table to solve the following question. A random sample of 91 with a sample average of 90 and a standard deviation of 4.2 hours, calculate the confidence interval at 98% (MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT) 6) A poll of 3,000 adults out of 5,500 was collected to found that they did not get a master’s degree. Calculate the confidence interval at 95%. (MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT)
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3.I am trying to figure out the optimal radius that will give the lowest surface area of a cylinder. I ...

have done the calculus which reveals that the surface area is at a minimum when height is double the radius. I am now trying to find an equation for the relationship between the amount of wasted surface area as a percentage of the minimum surface area and the ratio between height and radius. If I were to plot it on a graph, the y axis would be the percentage of excess materials needed as a percentage of the minimum possible surface area, and the x axis would be height divided by radius. Since the surface area is minimized when height=2(radius), I know that when x=2, y=0. The website explains what I am trying to do quite well and shows the graph below. I am trying to find the equation for this graph, but am unsure how to go about it.
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4.I am trying to find a y that works for my problem. I have tried integrating the left and right ...

to get them into a form without any integrals but when I work with the right side I get to a case where I keep doing the same thing. I would really appreciate some help.
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7.I am trying to find out the missing side in a triangle inside a triangle using geometric mean showing ...

ng it is similar I found two sides but not the third. Triangle ABC measures "a", 5 and 8 and 1/3. Triangle ADB measures 5 1/3, 4. and "a"....
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