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Damanpreet Cheema

Master of Mathematics @ GNDU, Amritsar

Master of Education @ GNDU, Amritsar

I can teach: Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Arithmetic, Pre Algebra, String Theory, Geometry

Teaching Experience

Teaching comes to me naturally as a great communicator, and as the prime way to keep learning. I try to break the problem in small steps and then explain the concepts one by one. I do not teach but act as a facilitator who helps the student to solve his problems on his own. I always try to relate the topics with the real life situations and provide students with the easy and effective ways to remember various formulas and rules. Luckily, I have lots of patience and always help my students with relaxed mind. I also guide them on how to avoid the common mistakes in their future exams.
I have taught to middle and high school students for four years. I have been working on Tutor Eye as a Maths Curriculum Developer for Middle School, High School and all Prep Exams.

Extracurricular Interests

I am very diverse in my interests. Outside the classroom, I enjoy playing Carrom Board and was the part of my College Badminton team. I like to try my hands on pencil shading art and cooking innovative dishes. I love traveling and shopping.

Top subjects

Trigonometry: Trigonometry is all about triangles. It requires patience and reminding students to research what they are doing and helping them work through mistakes. I break everything into small steps, leading the student through a logical path in an understanding of any problem.

Algebra: I generally take a slightly more inquiry-based approach to tutoring Algebra, because I feel that using guiding questions or interesting problem-solving scenarios causes information to be better retained. I do not directly solve the problems for the students, instead, I ask them many questions based on the problem which leads the student to the solution. So the student will gain confidence over solving the problem himself without taking anybody’s help.

Geometry: Geometry is an art field that wants an extended vision. Here, students should be able to visualise the two and three-dimensional figures and use various results and theorems to solve the geometrical problem. Constructions are as important as theory, as they help students in gaining insight into the subject.

Pre Algebra: Arithmetic is where the answer is right and everything is nice and you can look out of the window and see the blue sky - or the answer is wrong and you have to start over and try again and see how it comes out this time. ...Carl Sandburg

Student love our online tutoring!

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I got excellent help in Algebra especially Linear Equations and Geometry also. Thanks tutoreye. You have got amazing tutors.

-Camilla, on 2013-02-06