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Darwin A.

Master Degree @ Simón Bolívar University

CELTA Certified Teacher @ British Council

Spanish as a Foreign Language @ Venezuelan Central University

Magister @ Simón Bolívar University

I can teach: Speech/Presentation, Cover Letter, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Understanding of Idioms, Business English, English, Spanish, Italian

Teaching Experience

My teaching style is aimed to figure out the students' needs so as to adapt my lesson plans (based on my theoretical knowledge) matching those needs as well as other language-related facts which could be of paramount importance for the students.

Extracurricular Interests

I am both a native and certified Spanish teacher with 5 year of experience as a Spanish as a Foreign Language Tutor. I also hold a master degree on Applied Linguistics which has helped me to understand the inner nature of languages and communication in general. I also hold a CELTA course, which is aimed to teach English but which can also be used to teach other languages since the teaching principles do not vary when it comes to teach any language, instead, there are some supralinguistics facts that are true for any language in the world.

Top subjects

Speech/Presentation: How o give presentation. The content they use to have, I will also teach some connective words that are very useful.

Cover Letter: There are some conventional cover letters I would teach you so as to show a good impression about your self.

Understanding of Idioms: Idioms sometimes convey particular meanings depending on the contexts they are used, I would help you to use them in a practical way.

Business English: Since this is part of what is called English for Specific Purposes (and I have been an ESP teacher for a while) I'd say I have a lot of experience on this field, I would help you to use the language in a functional way at work.

English: I am a CELTA certified teacher. This is one of the most recognized certifications in the world. So, I would definitely help you with this subject. I also have ten years of experience teaching English.

Spanish: This is my mother language. I also hold a certification in order to teach this language for both children and adults.

Italian: I have a general idea about the language. I would say I can teach beginners and intermediate students. I know how to speak this language.

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